Hello everyone, Greetings! 

This is my, so called, introduction. You can call me Illa and I am from Indonesia. I am currently 19 years old university student. I like art, I like to draw, paint, listen to music, watch movies, read book, and learning languages (etc.). I am interested to learn literature and such. I like to watch anime and read manga too. 

I am having a quarantine time due to the corona virus. So, I am watching a series, it titled "Merlin." It is a story telling about arthurian legends. Though I know not all story told in the series is historically alligned with the old text, but I think it is a good story anyway, Unfortunately, there are ,no subtitles, even the english subtitles. When I watch the series I barely understand what they said. They talked with British English makes it more difficult for me to understand. That is where I realized how poor is my English ability and find a need to improve it.

Besides that, I am also interested to be a translator. It is so sad knowing there is some book I want to read but it is only available in English. I, who have enough understanding to read English is able to read them but how about the others? Also, the English books need to be imported from the other country, I cannot find a hardcopy of the book in Indonesia. To have them sent from other country is also very expensive. That is why, I want to bring the books in my native language so everyone can reach them. However, in order to do that, I need to have a decent English ability. I need to be near fluent. I was surfing through the internet and found this website. I though it will be nice to sign up as a member. I want to improve my English especially for my vocabulary and speaking ability.

It would be very kind of you if you want to be friends and help me to improve my English. Feel free to send me a message or reply this post instead. I am looking up for that.

Thank you.


Nice to meet you,


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Illa, English-Learner

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  • Hi....nice to see you here. I hope you will find  this site helpful as well as you get some friends too.

  • Halo Khoirunnisa Irodatillah, saya harap akan menjadi teman kamu. Welcome to My EC. We are very happy to see you here. For help, you can ask me or anyone of the teachers of the club. We will be glad to help. Please, add me. Thanks, Illa. 

    • Halo, saya akan add friend kalau begitu. Thank you very much.

  • Hello Friend.. Wow , what a great blog you've published !..Congratulations...

  •   :) Hi there Illa  and welcome to the English Club  . Mmm you write an excellent  introduction to your self in English  , which means that you have a done a lot of work and studying  . Secondly  , don't  be worry  about lot about not understanding  native speakers  . This need lots of time and lots of listening  and you are still 19 and you seem to be a very diligent  girl for me  . People like you  reach their goals successfully  at the end  . 

           Finally  ,  translation   is  another field  of learning  . Here you don't need to know another language  fully  , you need to dig pack in your own language and comprehend  it fully  . To be an a translator  means  to be an expert   . And about books there are many free online sites and apps where you can get the information  that you need   . 

           💞💞💞👍👍👍 Go a head  Illa  shows us your  drawing  , writing  and share  your  books review  with us here  . I will be happy to see your trials  on the English Club  :) 

    • Hello Rosemary, nice to meet you.

      I see, that is why I want to learn as much as possible till I become an expert both in my own languange and the languange I want to translate. I will work hard. It is been nice to found this website. 

      I will try to constantly updates my blog. Thanks :D.

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