Dictionary Love Letter

Dictionary Love Letter


Hi friend

Do you know me?

I know you know me

But you often times ignore me.


I am your friend

A really good friend

I can make things clearly

If you just visit me.


I am always here to guide you

Willing to give everything that you need,

Because I am your friend and I will never leave you.


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In understanding words, I guide you


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In pronouncing the words, I teach you


And remember those times

That you have difficulties

In spelling out the words, I guide you


That was the moment that I felt in love with you,

that’s why I’ve decided to be always with you.


But I don’t know what happened when you met your new friend,

the one always in your hands that gives you an entertainment.

You started to ignore me and almost forget me.


But I am still your friend,

A really good friend,

But how many times

Are you going to ignore me?

It really feels hurt,

When you do that to me.


Don’t let the dust covered my body

Because I don’t want you to get sick

When you visit me.


I love you more than myself

And I am willing to sacrifice just to give you strength.


All I want is to help you,

To improve you and to guide you

That’s how I show my love and care

For you.


I am always here,

Wherever you need me

Because I am your friend,

A really good friend.






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