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My first Post


Early, I will graduate from an English school together with a study abroad institution. 

I entered this school 1 year ago.

Now, I am learning English to study abroad while preparing to study abroad such as appreciation, making a credit card, and issuing a Visa. 

Everyday all things are very hard, but sometimes happening happy things. Everyday my teachers give me a lot of homework, I should take it hard.

Now this routine continues, I don't still used to doing homework.

But, this everyday and rout

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Dictionary Love Letter

Dictionary Love Letter


Hi friend

Do you know me?

I know you know me

But you often times ignore me.


I am your friend

A really good friend

I can make things clearly

If you just visit me.


I am always here to guide you

Willing to give everything that you need,

Because I am your friend and I will never leave you.


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In understanding words, I guide you


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In pronouncing the words, I teach you


And remember

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