2020-19 : Hi


How's everyone?  Hope everyone is safe.

Do you still remember me?  




Fizzy @ back here once again. 



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  • Yes, I have completely forgot you. Can't remember at all.

    • phew.. luckily I did some posting then... 

      i will hypnotize you....  you must remember me.... 


      • Me with montous, otherworldlish voice: Fizzy is my best fiennn ..friend. I never forgot her and I never will. I always remember her when something happy and good happens. Always be nice to her and never, ever watch any anime episode before she as seen it.

        • lol... good.. its nearly there... but i prefer you watch the anime first... in case it is not a good anime..



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  • Always looking for ya... :-)

    • right back at you...  always looking for you...  =)

      Thank you for stopping by at my personal blog.. 

      you are the greatest.. 





  • Saya suka Fizzy banayk. Fizzy is the real friend of My EC. Thanks for sharing. 

    • awww... that so sweet daragino...  Thank you 

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