Walk With Me Through The Frozen Lake

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This video is my participation in "Me and MARY's video-challenge 'Walk With Me'"https://www.myenglishclub.com/video/video-challenge-walk-with-meI made some mistakes while speaking.And the saddest thing in this story is, that I understand, how to say correct, right after making mistake. Like, when I forgot to use an article or when I have said "It divides one lake to two" instead of "It divides one lake into two parts"Thank you for watching!

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  • No, Onee, I didn't, but only because I didn't even think about it. The ice is very thick and sturdy.

    Next time I will try to do that, but maybe near the shore. :)

  • Do you dare to jump up and down on the frozen lake, Roman? ))))))))

  • Thank you Ella! :)

  • very nice.. ;)

  • Hi Grace!

    Oh, then you have to visit some European countries in Winter, to get this experience :)

    Yes, here is a link to one of my pictures of that lake:


    But to be honest, not so beautiful, because lake is not clear enough to swim in it.

    Thank you! :)

  • The lake appears to double as an interesting recreation ground in winter! I enjoyed walking with your camera to experience such snow activities that we wouldn't have in subtropical zone. Thanks Roman!  It would be a beautiful lake in summer, I guess. :)

  • Thank you Ryu!

    It is my pleasure to share it with everyone!

    And also I want to encourage people to participate in this challenge.

  • Hey Masha!

    :/ You are right! My arms almost got frozen because of recording this video.

    Ok, I will stop now.

    And it is not so interesting at all. I mean, when you walk on the surface of water of frozen lake, it is the same, like if you walk on the ground. So, I didn't even want to do that again. :P

  • Hi Robbie!

    Thank you! :)

    You are right, but it is still a little bit disappointing for me, because right after making mistake I think "Why did I say like that? I knew how to say correct!" :)

    Thank you very much!

  • Oh how cool!! and cold! I can 'feel' the cold just hearing you talkin' :)

    Thanks for sharing another Roman's Production, but plz... stop walkin' over the waters of frozen lakes as if you were the Siberian Jesus :(

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