Combining Words for English Fluency

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Learning how to combine words for smoother sentences when speaking English. Remember that this is a sample lesson and not all-inclusive. This video is not go...

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  • Actually non-natives shouldn’t really try to sound like natives. Creates many difficulties for them. But the value of learning these informal contractions is that you can then UNDERSTAND native speakers. And don’t believe any native who says English doesn’t have gonna/wanna etc. Just ain’t true. 

    • I am a non-native speaker. I gave up sounding like Australian as I do not like Australian accent. I live in Australia and try to become an EALD teacher. What I would like to achieve is to have clear, comprehensive pronunciation for students. 

  • Mmm....I think it sounds like a street language. I do not like it, and in this case, I don't want to sound like a native. I am not a native one. Why to pretend. Enough if I sound clear and use correct grammar. Thank you for the video. Now I know exactly that speaking clearly is a great thing personally for me. 

    PS: many native speakers insist that their language doesn't have such words like gonna/wanna. It is better to learn the connections/assimilations and other rules like that to smooth the language.

  • Good stuff! So important. More than Grammar and more than Vocab! :)

  • thanks for you useful video

  • Abdullah....:):)

    It's My pleasure.I am glad to know You liked it..:)..Thank you for your kind comment..:):)

  •  Gabriel Sowrian..:):)

    You are more than welcome...:):) and Thanks for your Significance comment.I do appreciate it..:)

  • It's an interesting video, Karol! Thank you! 

    On top of what is said in the video, it would be good for non-native speakers of English to learn how words are linked at word boundaries, especially the rules applied. It will make the transition from one word to the other easier for the speaker and sound more natural! 

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