How to Use the Magic Word Please: Learn English With Simple English Videos

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Learn how we use the magic word 'please' and how to make polite requests, offers and invitations in English. We also look at an interesting difference betwee...

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  • Please show like that videos more and more

    Could you please tell me the use of be.

  • A: Would you like to bring me a glass of tea, please?
    B: Sure, I'd like to.
    A: Would you please stop to sing? It's so noisy. :D
    B: Okay

    Thanks for the precious lesson, teacher Vicky and Jay. Best wishes. :)

  • Please don't stop producing educational videos, Teacher Vicki! :) You're quite right, I've noticed in TV shows and movies that Brits use 'please' most of the time. Even the word 'sorry' is very common for asking request from someone as in 'Sorry, can you help me finish my homework please?'. 

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