Vicki Hollett posted a video
What does the English word ironic really mean? In this video lesson we'll show you how the word…
12 hours ago
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Learn 11 English idioms about food and see how we use them in action. Idioms are expressions where…
Nov 20
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Feeling lonely in the pandemic, we decided to have dinner with our Google Assistant. In this video…
Nov 6
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Learn some common words and phrases we use to talk about lies and lying in English. We look at some…
Oct 24
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Learn the English vocabulary you need to follow along and join in the discussions about the US…
Sep 25
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Welcome to quiz 6 in our series about common English mistakes that ESL learners often make. To see…
Sep 11
Vicki Hollett posted a video
We have some more English word pairs to make your English sound more colloquial and conversational.…
Aug 28
Vicki Hollett posted a video
Our video on the English TH sound is here at last! In this lesson you'll: - learn how to pronounce…
Aug 14

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  • Dear Teacher Vicki & Jay...

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  • Hi how are you doing! If you don't mind give me your Skype ID I will be so glad, in addition this is my Skype ID ( Naeemullah.amani) plz... Send me or give me your Skype ID
  • Teacher Vicki and Jay,

    Wish you a great and wonderful December!  ^_^

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  • hii 

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    to the very great teacher on EC


    Mrs. Vicki Hollett and Mr. Jay

    You are the *STAR*

    Thank you for being among us. :)

    My dear teacher
  • hi Vicki nice to meet you im Benn from Panama im looking for friends to practice and improve my english...this is my whatsapp number +50762459021
  • Thank you for all the good things you've done to the club, Teacher Vicki! Take care! :)
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