How to Learn English

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A 10 Step Guide for new members of Please share this with new members!

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  • hello ..  i am new here and also i would like to improve my english 

    regards :)

  • i do apreciate, it is really interesting. Hope I could do it and help more than possible.

  • hello.,

    Thanks for your tips. i hope to do so. i have contacted many EC members over skype and found that pronunciation is very much important. In this video also i noticed the pronunciation of "schedule" ( we normally use "shedule", but you pronounced "skedule"). i'm enjoying listening to the native english speakers. 

  • Hi Fatimah, 

    From your writing, it seems you have figured out exactly how to express yourself in English. Maybe you should share your secrets! I think it is very useful to understand the different forms of words and where they belong. I always recommend that English learners look at sentences and try to identify what all of the words are (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs articles, etc.). It is very useful to be able to identify things like tense as well. But, one of the most important things is to just listen in English. Listen to English as often as you can! 




  • Dear Staff manager,

    One thing I have found while learning languages is that there were constantly things I wanted to say that I did not know how to say correctly. The reason I could not say them is that even though I knew the grammar and vocabulary that was needed to say what I wanted to say, what I wanted to express is expressed in a way that could not be predicted from my knowledge of that grammar and vocabulary. I have found this to be by far the major learning task in learning a new language. How have you gone about learning to use the grammar and vocabulary to express what you want to express, in the way that a native speaker would express it?

    I want to be perfect as the native but my weaknesses is how to place the right word to link the sentences as the native speaker way.

    I hope to get my goal by joining this English Club site. Thank you for this chance.

    My best regard,


  • nice and great

  • Thanks Susanti for this comment, it's all that I need to leran and improve my english. I know this EC a few time. It's  difficult to learn alone and. I have some friends in my contry  and to do more in EC. in the skype or other way for this. Thank you for all. See you soon.
  • Nice video, very informatics to me, i have learned lot, it is such a nice sharing for members.
  • wow this great way to learning, thanks dear Tara , I love English club :)

    really I like a video

    my Greetings

  • @Halima I used iMovie. That "School Cliques" movie is a great way to learn English. She's so colourful! I adore her accent, too.
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