My Reyhan Maheswara

My Reyah is my little child. He is about 5 month. Everyday I talk to him alot. He is my sweetie one and also my friend. Iam playing with him unlimited times.I teach him playing toys and religion, also english with funnier ways. He is my dearest…

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"Positive Thinking"

If I have one advice to share, it would be to choose your attitude. When my attitude is right, there’s no barrier too high, no dream to extreme, no challenge too great for me. I believed a…

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Silent Night

Silent Night is a certain time is a good for us.We felt closely with God and took our prayers. We were focused on something important in apart of our life. For me, it was helped me alot to find
"What is the…
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You are my Inspiring..."

My dear... beloved students...thank you so much for everything... ", Now miss. Rini comes here on EC to share and to learn everything and doing the best thing for yours. You are my inspiration...and dear teacher friend too,...I got the best thing in…
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"nice and great"
Jun 24, 2019
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"hi skype rini_hartuti  please add me we are family,..."
May 18, 2019
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"Yes my reza"
May 16, 2019
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"Dear paarseh  after 10 years away i just recently know your comment...miss u i hope you have a nice…"
May 16, 2019
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"hi deddy  a good agreee with you...I wake up earlier mostly day in the morning sometimes…"
May 16, 2019
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May 10, 2019

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  • Red Ribbon
  • My junior high school was in Juwana as well. I studied in SMPN 1 Juwana. Do you live in Juwana too? Juwana is very hot at noon, especially the places near Silugonggo River ?:-)

  • Are you coming from Pati Rini?

    Where do you live? My hometown is Pati as well.

    I live in small district, Trangkil. Nice to see you here !

  • Thanks for your nice words for me and my family.

    See you again!

  • Hi!

    How are you? Have a great day!

  • Hi, Mrs. Rini. Thanks for the pict. Nice to meet you. Hopefully you want to be my partner in learning English ^_^ Send my regards for your little family, specially for you cute baby ^_^ What's her name? :)

    scraps for orkut

  • Thank you so much Rini...

  • Hello Mrs. Rini.... 

    Long time no see... How are you? :)

  • Hi:

    thank you about your interest,I am ok , and Libya will be ok too.

    yes KADDAFI had been killed. and all libayan now forward to new ALLAH  FOR US


  • Hello Mrs. Rini... Long time no see. It is my skype Id, please add me : dyonistooshort.


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