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Winter Cycling

It is possible to bicycle in winter, if there's not too much snow on the way.
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  • Thank you Onee-chan. I believe, that I have never rode below -7C of cold.. No actually I think there was at least one time, when it fell to -10C while I was out riding. But how cold it feels, depends also on wind, humidity and maybe some more factors.
    Sometime cold north wind can blow also from south.. that's what I say.
    And there's also saying, that goes: "There's no bad weather, only bad clothes." But I actually, don't use that, because I say: "Weather is always bad, because it is dictator." It's my saying. I want to be praised for thinking that up. :D

  • Hi Hardi! How great idea! This is an impressive and cool shot! 8) and cold, I guess. lol

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Wauuu, looks great:) at the same time to bicycle and to make a photo on mirror:)))

  • Champion in training!:-)

  • Hi Mr. Bob. Thank you for the comment. :)

    I used spiked tires. They keep quite well on ice. There was only once that the front tire did slide a bit, but there was very uneven ice. The cars had splashed some water there, that was running to road from somewhere, and then it had frost on sides of wheel ruts, so it was very difficult to ride there.. but thanks to spikes, I could react and put leg down.. I had more problems with the back tire that was sliding on snow, because it's drive load.

    The spike tires I had were for commuter/city bike. They didn't work well when there was too much snow on top of ice. I think I should have got spiked off-road tires.. But those would cost much more.. Even the ones I bought, did cost as much as car's tires.

  • It is the ice that would worry me.  I can imagine the front tire suddenly sliding to the right or left and that would scare me.  If there is no ice then the light bits of snow should be OK.

    I took my motorcycle out during a rare snow event when I was in university.  I spent most of the time playing in a parking lot because falling in the street could mean getting hit by a car.  It was fun but I also learned that plastic parts break easily when they are very cold ;(

  • Yes Fumi. I hope too. Yesterday it definitely was nice cycling weather with -2 C cold, but today it snowed a little again and got to +2C warmth. So the street became wet and unpleasant, but I would have not gone to cycling today anyways.. I'm not going to do it everyday. ^_^

  • Yeah, I know Fizzy. That's how it is. :)

  • dejavu... lol

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