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The real Italian pizza.

This pizza was made in a wood-burning stove and had fabulous smell and taste. The size of a pizza was so large that we couldn't it eat all.
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  • Dear Onee

    The plate was big but the pizza was bigger. :) Maybe they'd better use a tray for that. LOL 

  • Svitlana, they should have bigger plate as well. :D

    Yes, I believe AG can do this for three. :D :D

  • Thank you, Svitlana! :)

  • Roma, I wish you to check it as soon as possible. :) 

  • I am not sure, dear Diah. No one of my family could eat all the pizza. :P

  • Hahaha. Dear Onee! I expected this question. The plate is under this pizza. :P

     Have a look at this picture. Compare, please,  the size of the pizza with the hand of my husband. :) 


  • I can eat it just for myself :D

  • Are you sure it is only so large, Svitlana? I cannot see the plate either. :)

  • Well, then they were right. But still I can't imagine, how can it be delicious, being so thin :)

    It means I have only one way to check it out. By myself :D

  • Hello, Roma!
    This pizza was too thin. Seems the core of it was like a piece of paper. Maybe this is the reason of a delicious taste of an Italian pizza.
    I have never met such kind of the pizza in Ukraine.

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