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Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is one of the best attractions of Italy. Construction started in 1386, but it was completed only in the early XIX century. This cathedral is located in the center of Milan and considered to be a simbol of its.Indeed, we were killed by the beauty of this cathedral.
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  • This Cathedral is WOW. Beleive me, Roma!

    I hope one day you will see it in reality.

    Thank you for comment. :)

  • Hi Svitlana!

    That Cathedral is great, mysterious, impressive and even epic!

    I can't imagine how beautiful it is in real, if only the pictures are such effective!

  • It is my pleasure, dear Oporazita

    I will send you more pictures inbox later. 

    I hope one day you will see it all with your own eyes. 

    My best wishes to you! :) 

  • Thank u so much dear Svitlana for sharing such beautiful inside of cathedral. I will be so happy if u inbox me more :D

    I never had opportunity to watch it, I wish to watch it some day by visit there :))

  • My pleasure, dear TatuTorus. :) 

  • Dear Estanis!

    Follow your dream! :) It is better to see than to hear! :) 

  • Sure, dear Oporazita!

    I have a lot of photos of this cathedral inside and outside. The inner view is great as well. 




    Dear, If you want to see more of these beautiful photos I can send you them to your inbox.

  • I trust you, I've heard how captivating this cathedral is. I'd love to see in real.

  • Haven't you take pictures into the inner structure?

    I'm wondering how it looks like into the inner side of the cathedral?

  • Wow! nice structure:)

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