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Photo Challenge: My Shoes

I use this pair of shoes when I have a bit long trip. ^^

I took the pic about THREE YEARS ago when they were new. This is how they look now. :D They experienced a lot but they are still strong. Indeed, I still love them. :) 

Thank you for visiting, commenting, and liking the photo. ^^

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  • Dear Icha,
    Thank you! ^^ I'm glad to know it. Please notice me when you meet a nice new shoes model. :D :D

    Thank you for your comment. :)

  • Yes, Mishaikh. The above one was new, three years before I posted this. :D

    Thank you for your comment. ^^

  • Oneeeee,,,,,What a cute photo?!! I Like the complexion of your shoes. It is so nice. I think we have the same taste in this matter...^__^

  • The above one looks new?

  • Mishaikh. Sorry, I've just read your comment.

    Are you serious you don't know? But, you just need to upload the photo with the same title. ^^

    You can share now, it's okay. Anyway, this is Grace's photo challenge. :)

  • What is the link of this challenge, where I would put the picture?

  • Yup, Eva. It's difficult to replace them. :) 

    They have damaged parts just because they have experienced a lot in outdoor activities. I intended to use them for that. Colorful and girly shoes in outdoor activities. ^^

    The first damage was a friend unintentionally stepped on my feet, and I said "Arrhhh, my shoes...!" LOL. 

    Thank you for your nice comment. :)

  • Onee,

    They are very cute shoes, and those colors make them even more cute. Sometimes when we have a pair of shoes as we really like, it is very difficult to replace them.

    I think they must be reflecting your colorful personality, in a positive way.

    Three years, what a faithful companions, they must have been through quite a lot. It is actually a little sad to see them damaged.

    Though nice and cute share :)

  • Good to know that, Mishaikh. What about taking the photo of them and participate in the challenge? ^^ Thanks for your comment once again.

  • Thanks Mishaikh, for your beautiful comment and for knowing me. :))))

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