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Rosy Periwinkle Flowers

I was amazed by its color. ^^People consider this a miracle plant as the flower contains powerful healing elements and are effective at fighting disease like cancer and diabetes. (info from Google)
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  • Flowers represents the beauty of Nature.  The reflection is so beautiful, how beautiful itself the Nature will be!

  • Thanks, Roman. :)

  • Right in front of your room? You are lucky, Onee!:)
  • Teacher Dara,

    Thank you for your nice comment. ^^


    Thank you for your nice comment. I also just know about the info and I found some people around me also practice it. ^^

  • Roman,

    They easily grow everywhere here. The photo I took in front of my room. I just know from people around that they the info is true. Some people practice it. They take some flowers and add them into their cuisine or boil them with water then drink it. Maybe they add sugar since it tastes bitter. :D

    Yeah, they are so beautiful. You know, the diameter of the flowers is only about 3 cm. Thank you for your comment. ^^

    Yeah, dear Grace. They are also easily found here. I also just knew about the info. :D I was searching for the name of the flower, then I also found other information. Two days ago, someone told me that some people really practice it, and it is effective. ^^

    Thank you so much for your comment and like. ^^

  • Nice flower and thanks for the info, Onee :)

  • Aku tidak tahu tentang itu tetapi aku suka bunga. My recent discussion is about perfume and how flowers play a great role or plants as the whole. Nice photo!

  • Really? I never heard it but this kind of flowers could be easily found in my region. They have strong life-force to grow even from asphalt road. 

  • Indeed beautiful! I wonder how good is this combination of colors! With green leaves on the background those flowers look clearly! Wow, so they are healing flowers! Do they grow near to your home? Anyway you are lucky to make this picture! Thank you for sharing, Onee!

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