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Coastal Tourism

One site I visited on holiday, Kenjeran Park, East Java - Indonesia.I know, the sea water looks turbid somehow. Any idea why? :D
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  • Sure, Dara. Thank you for your comment. :)

    Yes, Mishaikh. It was a bit cloudy. Thank you for your beautiful comment. But, wait....!! Look so Onee?? What that mean.....? lol

  • Beautiful view, not doubt.

  • It look so Onee, because of reflection of what is one the bed of the sea as well as sometimes the reflection of sky, if sky is cloudy, it will look like this.

  • Onee_Chan, kamu sangat ramah. Thanks for your nice invitation. Can you visit my page and leave a comment?

  • You're welcome, Teacher Dara.
  • Aku haruz pergi di sina. Inshaa Allah, one day, I shall make a holiday there. Thanks for the invitation.
  • Eva, you see my profile pic. :) I was on the bridge and this photo is the view I can see. :)

    Nothing happen, dear, this is a tour spot. They are allowed to stop there and enjoy the view or fresh air from sea.

    Thank you for your comment and like. ^^
  • Onee,

    This is just absolutely beautifully amazing.

    You must have been standing on a bridge over this, right?

    But why are there so many people there, what was going on?
  • :D :D I see, I see. ^^
  • Ahah :) no, Onee-chan! Because you will be sitting behind me on motobike!

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