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Good day! :)

"No matter how terrible I experienced the hardship today, this place still comforts me"

Have a good day! :))

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  • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Mishaikh. ^^

    Sure, they do. But, they even tease us back when they like us. ^^ I tell you that I didn't really close with this cat, though I gave it food. So, I silently took this picture, and when I moved much,it ran away. :D

  • Beautiful!

    If you tease cats, they will run away, if there is dead end, they attack you back.  This is in their nature.

  • Teasing is not the main reason, but indeed one of the reasons:)

    Yeah, they want us to touch them, then they can play with us. :D Mission succeeded!! 

  • Teasing is not the main reason, but indeed one of the reasons:)

  • So true, Roman. You have a good analysis. 8)

    I wonder why they do so... Teasing us? :D

    Thank you for your comment. ^^ 

  • Yes, Onee-chan! The cats are the masters of sleeping!!! They always know how and where to lie down with cute position:)

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  • They are sweet and cute, Sir. You don't need to be afraid. :))

    Try to touch its soft hair. :)) :D

    Thanks for your comment and like.
  • Oopa Onee_Chan, saya takut kucing banyak. Cats like drinking and sleeping, don't they? Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Roman, Marshaa, and Sara,, thank you for supporting my laziness. :D

  • I appreciate your thumbs-up, dear Anxa, AG, Adaline, Sara, Laboni. Thank you. :)

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