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After a hard month of studying, my family and I decided to go on a trip to refresh our brains. Spending 9 hours in a long way, we hired a house to stay in for 3 days. We all were ready to go to bed but suddenly my mother’s cellphone rang.

-shoot! Who it can be?!!

I have a cousin, called Zivar, a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor, who was going to marry on next week. But whole the situation immediately became upside down! She and her husband, saeed, were engaged for 2 years but he leaved her unbelievably, without any acceptable reason. He called Zivar an insane!!! He told that he figured it out when he saw her. It’s funny that he didn’t declare that in these 2 years!

Zivar loved Saeed crazily! She accepted to pay the half of the wedding party’s costs and supported her spouse in all the situations! She’d been adding his name to each of her sentences: I’ve been sick for a while saeed says if u don’t care…my skin’s color has changed but saeed says u still look lovely.

Saeed says he is in love with Zivar. But where his love has gone?! If he abandons Zivar according to her location and conventional cultures no one will marry her! Why did he do that? His action will mess her up! If he didn’t want to marry with her he could leave her at first! But why now? After 2 years?

Today, I see this disaster everywhere. We interchanged love with poor things! Boys like girls just because of their sex and girls do the same, too. PLEAZE wake up! LOVE is not the things which we recognize! Love is:

To consider a person as big as the world and consider the world as small as a person!

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brothers and sisters read...

Hey guys! I’m here to recognize your reactions & feelings about this blog.Imagine u had a younger brother, a 5 or 6 one. It’s the time for him to go out and play with his friends. He got exhilarated when his friends’ voices are heard from outside. And you watched him standing at the door and inviting his friend to go and have fun. This is the time for him to be surprise by different gifts in his birthday party. You bought an airplane for him and he said he would be a pilot and visit the entire world with you. It’s the time of dreaming to be hero, a doctor, a policeman who arrests thieves or a football player who score goals in each game.But since last week he’d been sad, because no one can hear his friends’ voices any more. There are only the sounds of blasts and explosions outside. You told him they had gone to visit the God. His dreams had been destroyed, he just had been begging you to go and visit God with his friends.One day, you were coming back home. While going down street, suddenly and explosion’s sound waked u up. You would wonder it wasn’t our house, was it? And ran. You arrived at your doorstep and found your brother’s airplane, broken! And his head a few meters away, separated from his body! What would u do?This is the situation in Gaze. I can do nothing here and that’s why I wrote this blog. Nice or awful this is my best. Sorry for bothering you again.
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writing challenge:what is life?

“What is life?”In my opinion, life has different aspects so it should have various definitions, such as: religious, scientific and personal.In religion, life is a bridge which we should pass to arrive at the other world. In this aspect we should gain things which are demanded for having a comfortable life after leaving this world.In another aspect, science, life is a period in which a creature is alive and can eat, breath and reproduce. The creature has particular requires and has different reaction in various occasions.Finally, in personal aspect, life has several meanings. For instance, someone knows life as a period to reach his goals however, another one recognize it as a time of earning money or being happy and take pleasure in everything without any trouble.All of these significations are acceptable because we cannot decide how a person should live. But do not forget 2 points: 1-LIFE is too short to regret it. So enjoy it!!! 2-we should LIVE not just being ALIVE!
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writting challeng: Guest Dinner

If I wanted to invite someone to my house I would ask Imam Mahdi to accept my request. Imam Mahdi is one the 14 people who know the wisdom of these two worlds.I would ask all of my friends and my family to participate in this meeting. I would serve Ghormeh Sabzi for launch (a kind of Iranian food made of vegetable and beef) and yoghurt soda as a drink.I would ask him about how many dimension this materialistic world has and if we can return to the past. I would also ask about where is the end of this world is, if it is limited what is behind that wall. And ultimately I would ask him where the another world is.**If I bothered u by writing this text, I am sorry. U know I am just a 15 year old girl!!!!
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