writing challenge:what is life?

“What is life?”In my opinion, life has different aspects so it should have various definitions, such as: religious, scientific and personal.In religion, life is a bridge which we should pass to arrive at the other world. In this aspect we should gain things which are demanded for having a comfortable life after leaving this world.In another aspect, science, life is a period in which a creature is alive and can eat, breath and reproduce. The creature has particular requires and has different reaction in various occasions.Finally, in personal aspect, life has several meanings. For instance, someone knows life as a period to reach his goals however, another one recognize it as a time of earning money or being happy and take pleasure in everything without any trouble.All of these significations are acceptable because we cannot decide how a person should live. But do not forget 2 points: 1-LIFE is too short to regret it. So enjoy it!!! 2-we should LIVE not just being ALIVE!
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  • You have portrayed the better definition for life .Thank you for sharing us such a nice blog .

  • Great writing! 

  • we should live not just being alive!
    sometimes we have no other choice just being like a walking dead!
    nice blog, but i have a personal question!! do u have any relationship with Mina whom wrote another blog with same topic???!! Is she ur sister or what?? LOL
  • Nice blog.

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