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Hey guys! I’m here to recognize your reactions & feelings about this blog.Imagine u had a younger brother, a 5 or 6 one. It’s the time for him to go out and play with his friends. He got exhilarated when his friends’ voices are heard from outside. And you watched him standing at the door and inviting his friend to go and have fun. This is the time for him to be surprise by different gifts in his birthday party. You bought an airplane for him and he said he would be a pilot and visit the entire world with you. It’s the time of dreaming to be hero, a doctor, a policeman who arrests thieves or a football player who score goals in each game.But since last week he’d been sad, because no one can hear his friends’ voices any more. There are only the sounds of blasts and explosions outside. You told him they had gone to visit the God. His dreams had been destroyed, he just had been begging you to go and visit God with his friends.One day, you were coming back home. While going down street, suddenly and explosion’s sound waked u up. You would wonder it wasn’t our house, was it? And ran. You arrived at your doorstep and found your brother’s airplane, broken! And his head a few meters away, separated from his body! What would u do?This is the situation in Gaze. I can do nothing here and that’s why I wrote this blog. Nice or awful this is my best. Sorry for bothering you again.
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  • Thanks for write and think about the helpless people of GAZA, may Allah bless you Ameen..

    This is the harsh reality and horrible face of so called modern and civilized societies they didn’t see the 700 death and nearly 4000 injured innocent people of Gaza but off course they did see and feel concerned the Hamas handmade rockets fire on Israel. I was stunned when UN secretary appeal Hamas to stop rocket fires and defend Israel. Now I understand that right of defend is allowed only for US and Israel’s supporters.   I feel shame to be a part of this double standard so called civilized society.

    May Allah bring peace and help the helpless people of Gaza….. Ameen 

  • May Allah protects the people of Gaza and Palestine. May those innocent children, one day, can fulfilled their dreams. May, one day, those people in Gaza and Palestine know the real meaning of peaceful living.

  • The situation there is heart-wrenching. :(

    Killing one person is like killing all the humanity. I don't know what makes people such monsters that they kill hundreds of thousands of people but still don't regret their filthy acts. I believe, such people don't deserve to be called human beings. They are beasts. They don't belong to any of the religions either for no religion allows people to take a life unjustly. Those killers belong to Satan as such acts could only make devil happy.

    May Allah help innocent people of Gaza and all those people around the globe who are being killed for no reason.

  • My heart is weeping for Gaza!

  • Dear Maryam, it was so touching and beautiful discription of Gaza current situation.

    I would like to thank you for your sympathy with Gaza People by writing this nice blog.

    May Allah protect you. 

  • You really touched my heart. You don't have to be Muslim to support Palestine, you just have to be Human. 

  • Children of Gaza are different from other ‘s. Their childish dreams are minimized . Their dreams have been limited . They become one dream. Do you know what it is ?

    It is “How to survive from starvation” and diminished to be as a poor dream “How to be alive and survive from killing “

    Thank you maryam for your kindness .

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