writting challeng: Guest Dinner

If I wanted to invite someone to my house I would ask Imam Mahdi to accept my request. Imam Mahdi is one the 14 people who know the wisdom of these two worlds.I would ask all of my friends and my family to participate in this meeting. I would serve Ghormeh Sabzi for launch (a kind of Iranian food made of vegetable and beef) and yoghurt soda as a drink.I would ask him about how many dimension this materialistic world has and if we can return to the past. I would also ask about where is the end of this world is, if it is limited what is behind that wall. And ultimately I would ask him where the another world is.**If I bothered u by writing this text, I am sorry. U know I am just a 15 year old girl!!!!
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  • Those questions are very deep indeed. It looks like an intelligent discourse rather than just a simple feast. 

  • Hi dear coral.I cant eat dinner so I managed the meeting on lunch time.
  • Thanks Maryam, but I think it is a dinner guest not lunch guest.

  • In His Name 

    WOW Maryam!..it was really nice...a good writing indeed..

    May i join you too?!!I'd like to...

    one day will come In Sha Allah that we all happily celebrate our Imam's arrival together...thanks for introducing him to all...I'm sure he thinks of you...do pray dear and do try for your goals..

    May Allah protect you

    The Best.

  • No, you didn't bother us at all.

  • But it doesn't appear that this blog has been written by a 15 years old girl.
    Bravo on writing such a matured text. Keep it up, May Allah bless you with all His bounties in life.

  • Thank you so much Maryam, for your beautiful selection. Your writing is good as well.

    May God bless you and make you happy all the time. 

    Allahumma Ajjil liwaliyyek al-faraj, Amin ya raabbal alamin.

  • Thanks for participating in this month's writing challenge! That Iranian food sounds really delicious. It would be interesting to be able to return to the past. I'd probably go back to grade 11 if I could. 

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