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Happy Fasting

Now, all muslims in the world are fasting, refrain from all things that can cancel it, refrain from eat, drink, angry, lust, including talking about people or gosip, we do this from dawn to dusk.

For me, there are some things that only met in ramadan.
the first, our environment become quiet and more friendly, because everyone trying to refrain their emotion, no angry, etc.
second, i feel happiness come from every people who fasting, especially when they are waiting for break fasting, everyone happy, many of them doing some activity outdoor, it can increase the quality of social relationship, we greet each other, discuss etc.
third, ramadan is a month that full with rizki, there are creative people who make some food and sell it attractively, it can trigger new idea, creativity, and also, growing people skill in create new bussiness.

Many good things that can we get during ramadan, Allah will increase value of every charity, those are only three point from my point of view who still learn in ibadah, may can give us some inspiration.



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A Phenomenon Band From Bandung

People call bandung as a creative city, may be it is because bandung has a good value of happiness-ratio, based on survei of one statistical organization.

Bandung has been creating a good musician or band, one of them is a Band that named Noah, in the past time we knew them as Peterpan Band, but in 2012 they changed their name with Noah.
This Band has a great creativity, consist of 4 personel after their drummer decide to quit about last month, they have been create 6 album since 2000, we could hear a good melody from their music and also the lyric that is like a poem, Frontmen of this band, Ariel, is the most who created lyric for the band, he like to read kahlil gibran books, so it is a reason why their lyrics is like a romantic poem.
Not only create a good music this band also has been creating a good way to promote their songs, about 2 years ago they created concerts in 5 country 2 continent in a day, and many achievement that they have made, it make them come as a phenomenon band in indonesia,
One of their music that i like entitled walau habis terang, i like one quote on this song, that say "...biarkan semua seperti seharusnya..." ("...let it all as it should be....") , if you hear their song you will find many good inspiration from their music.
This month, they will launch their new album entitled second change, i am sure their new album will have a good resphone, if you have a free time i suggest you to hear this band songs.

- Ariel, Frontmen of Noah Band-

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rain and my childhood

January 2nd 2015, Bandung is rain, almost 25 years i live with warm hug from my parent, and now is the first year i have to live little bit far from them, rain bring my memory back to my childhood, when the time is so free for me, i requested a glass of chocolate milk to my mother during rain, my mother, my father and i always spend rainy time in our living room, we made some joke while feeling so fresh and beautiful sound from the rain, it is the ordinary activity, but i don't know why, i always miss that time. I think a good quality time is not always the expensive activity, also not always have to go to overseas, it is enough to gather with people who you love, such as your family, children or your parent, even your friend, and exactly do a good and fun activity that can build a happy memory.

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Bandung Grand mosque

This new year will be a good time for moslem people in bandung, because our mayor have used his creativity to renovate our grand mosque and will be inaugurated on december 31st.

Again, Mr.Ridwan Kamil add many natural concept to it park, below the park, there are 2 level basement for vehicle parking, this mosque has about 23000m2 surface area, and 8500m2 among it is a main building that can accommodate about 13000 jamaahs.

this step is one of our mayor project to make Bandung as lovable and livable city.

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Bandung Tour on Bus

Bandung has been visited by tourists in the weekend, most of them use their own vehicle to go to this city, it's come to be a new problem for Bandung people, because the traffic become more crowded, therefore Bandung government have created some breakthrough to solve this problem, one of these is create a public transportation special for tourism.
to make it more attractive, our mayor have designed an unique tourism bus, which named "BANDROS", stand for "Bandung Tour on Bus", this bus has 2 storeys, and can accommodate about 30 tourists, this bus is free and will bring the tourist go around the city, and also give them guidance about the tourism object in bandung, with this breakthrough tourist does not need to bring own vehicle to holiday, and it's expected will reduce the trafic flow in this city.


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Bandung Movie Park

Last week, our mayor, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, inaugurated new public facility named "Taman Film Bandung", this is the first movie park in bandung, located below the Pasopati Bridge, one of bandung landmark. This park has one big screen about 4x8 meters and seven levels seat that designed like a paddy field, this shape can make a cheerfulness between visitors because they can talking each other during the movie show, this park can accommodate about 250 visitors, many kind of movie will be show at this place, local movie, hollywood, bollywood and the others, even it will be shown a good football matches.
If you will come to Bandung, don't forget to visit this place, it's free, Bandung is lovable and liveable city :D

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smiling voice

Last week i joined a seminar titled "Speak up and be a winner" that
held by one business organization in my city, the speaker on this
event is Mr. Farhan, he is famous artist and broadcaster in my
country, one of the points that he talked to the audience is about
how to be a nice person with our gesture and even voices.

He have many experience about this topic, as a broadcaster he
required to be a good person without show themselves, therefore we
need something that he call as "smiling voice", with "smiling
voice" the audience can feel our hospitality and feel fun without
see ourselves.

It isn't too difficult to make a smiling voice, we just have to
feel fun and in a good mood when we speak, and try to speak with
smiling position, he said that the voice that we produce with this
position will be more comfortable for the audiences, "for the
first time it will be hard, but if we always try it will be fun" he

I think shape of our mouth when we speak can show our mood and also
produce a specific of quality voice, so, it is why, when people
laugh and tell about a funny thing will be delight to hear than
when people angry.

I imagine when people talk with "smiling voice" their produce some
voice with beautifull musical notes :D , it's same when we hear
some classic music :D.

I just share my experience, i'm sorry if there is a mistake, hope
will be inspiring and useful.


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How music can make me more relaxed

music is one of interest thing that generally liked by youth,
exactly they hear it with some reason, maybe they love the singer
or band who singing it, they are falling in love or get some
happiness etc, i think those reason is fair even useful for us.

On my last discussion post, i asked your opinion about the thing
that we can do, if we feel bored in office or in our class, and we
lost our spirit for doing something, my friend, salem, is one and
maybe only one who write his opinion about it, there is a good
point that he write, the point is visiting and take several time
for hanging with our close friend.

so, what the correlation between music and visiting our close
friends, glance, there isn't correlation between those thing, but
when i feel bored with my job that pile up, then i hear music,
suddenly i remember a moment, when i was hearing this music for
first time, it was 10 years ago and i was in my junior high school,
unexpectedly, my brain showing the memorable event in past time, i can saw
playing football, running without load and then we took some lunch
together meanwhile the music play sweet, before finally we got
nervous because forgot our homework, 10 years ago this event is
ordinary even make me get stress, but now, that event can make me
more relax and bring my spirit back for better work.

i think we can remember a memorable event with music and make us relaxed,
may be you have already heard about it before, i just share my
experience and also train my writing skill, i hope it will be

Thank you

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