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  • Halo Tantan, saya harap kamu baik. Kamu demana? Silakhan, bilang salam saya untuk keluarga dan teman. Saya lupa, Eid mubarak. It's late, I know. Please, visit my page again and leave a comment there. Thanks.

  • Saya senang berkenalan dengan anda karena kamu suka blog saya The Wedding. I am happy that you like my blog The Wedding!

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  • Apa kabar Tantan! Saya harap kabar kamu baik teman. Saya mau menulis di sini karena saya mau orang lain belajar.  Excuse my bad Indonesian language. I tried to answer you here so that other learners could benefit too. I hope you are not upset about it. Now, let's go to your question about the meaning of these expressions:

    Fall down               =  come to the ground collapse or fail to meet the requirements.

    Come in                =  appear for the first time, like  a new star or a model.

    Keep up                =   to continue without interruption. Persist or preserve.

    Here, we are talking about phrasal verbs Tan. They are a  group of words that do the action of the verb. They are usually made up of a verb and a preposition or an adverb or both.

    Watch out, for instance, does not mean the same meaning of the words (watch) or (out) as individual words. It means alert, vigilant or careful about something. I hope this helps.

  • Keep up the good work, Tantan.....

  • Hello Tantan

    Thank you for your friendship 

  • Hello Tantan 

    my congratualtions from the deep of my heart for being star 


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  • Hi Tantan,

    Congrats for being a Star Member.

  • Hi tan, My Skype Id is linus lu. It's a pleasure to meet you on it.

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