Bandung Grand mosque

This new year will be a good time for moslem people in bandung, because our mayor have used his creativity to renovate our grand mosque and will be inaugurated on december 31st.

Again, Mr.Ridwan Kamil add many natural concept to it park, below the park, there are 2 level basement for vehicle parking, this mosque has about 23000m2 surface area, and 8500m2 among it is a main building that can accommodate about 13000 jamaahs.

this step is one of our mayor project to make Bandung as lovable and livable city.

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  • Thank you so much Maya :D

  • Its so nice to see such view like this...I'm a christian but I like this picture a lot. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.
  • Dear, Sarah, Setareh Femina, noaslpls, evangelina, mishaikh and anna, thank you for your kind response, i hope my mayor-step will inspiring young generation to make a more beautiful park and green city, so our world will be happy and have more fresh air. :D

  • Glad to hear that and I hope it won't be the last project to improve your city.

  • It's so beautiful.
  • Thats so happy to hear:).and may Allah give everything to the one who doing this :)
  • Wonderful.

  • It is GRANDEUR indeed! Congratulations!!

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