rain and my childhood

January 2nd 2015, Bandung is rain, almost 25 years i live with warm hug from my parent, and now is the first year i have to live little bit far from them, rain bring my memory back to my childhood, when the time is so free for me, i requested a glass of chocolate milk to my mother during rain, my mother, my father and i always spend rainy time in our living room, we made some joke while feeling so fresh and beautiful sound from the rain, it is the ordinary activity, but i don't know why, i always miss that time. I think a good quality time is not always the expensive activity, also not always have to go to overseas, it is enough to gather with people who you love, such as your family, children or your parent, even your friend, and exactly do a good and fun activity that can build a happy memory.

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  • Hello Tantan

    thank you for your nice blog 

    your feelings are the feelings of everyone who is far from his or her parents . be strong 

  • That is right noaslpls, photo just help to pin a point to remember one moment, thank god we have brain that can save many memories, we can load it anytime and anywhere :D, and also it will be a good experience to educate our children, that is a good point evangelina.

    Thank you for comment Mishaikh, Eva, noas and jerry, let's share the other inspiration :D

  • Thanks for sharing your inspiration from life, I agree with your opinion.

  • While cleaning up after the flood, my brother told me that one of my old photo albums was a bit damaged. Some of the photos in there were ruined. I was sad at first, because those photos represent my past memories. But then I realised, I don't even know which photo album my brother was talking about because it had been years since I open any of those photo albums.

    Memories are not build by photos, but by experience. Don't get me wrong. Those photos will definitely help to pin point the exact location and memories. Though some of those photos are ruined, but the memories would forever engrained in my mind (as long as I didn't go senile :D :D)

  • Good experience and nice feeling.

    Thanking for letting us enjoy.

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