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Directions - 2

Here we try to know how to speak about all directions?

A: Where is ABC Company.

B: It is in Delhi, in India.

A: Where is your house?

B: It is in between the Alex Hospital and Alfred School.

A: Where is the farm house?

B: It is across the Godavari river. (T

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Lesson 7 - At the railway station 3

Here, a traveler is waiting for train. He is in the waiting room and talking to another traveler.

Traveler A: Hello, Are you going to Mumbai?

B: No, I am going to Nasik. You look to be going to Mumbai.

A: Ya. Train looks to be late?

B: Yes, it seems it i

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Lesson 8 - Directions- 1

`A` is searching for a location. He has address with him, but he is new to the place.

A: Excuse me, will you be able to tell me where is this place?

B: I am sorry, I am not aware of this place. Will you please ask at that shop?

A: Sure, Thank you. (A to

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Lesson 6 - At the railway station (2)

A traveler wants to cancel his booked ticket..he is at the inquiry counter..

Traveler: Hello madam, I wish to cancel my ticket. Where should I do it?

Madam: Go to window number 17 or 18. Both these windows are for cancellation of booked tickets.


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Lesson 5- At the railway station (1)

Mr. A (at the inquiry window) : Is train to Mumbai expected to arrive on its scheduled time?

Attendant: No sir, it will be about half an hour late today.

Mr. A: Ok. Is there a place to keep my luggage?

Attendant: Sir, there is no such facility, however,

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lesson 3 - know routine

Mr. A is informing about his / her routine through question and answer.

B: What time do you get up in the morning?

A: I generally get up at 6 o clock in the morning. However, on holidays I get up at about 8 a.m.

B: What do you do after getting up? (know

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To get one's foot in the door

This means to enter into something or make a beginning.

as we know in place of one's we use `my, his, her, their, our` etc.

In place of `to` we use noun or pronoun as a subject of sentence.


I had a very good interview in the company yesterday an

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A chip on one's shoulder

This means to carry some burden of past incidences / happening.

Examples :

1. It is a good skills not to carry a chip on self shoulders.
2. On diagnosis of his fear it was clear that he had a chip on his shoulder about an accident where most of his clo

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Lesson 4: giving directions

A: Where is this school?

B: It is near railway station.

A: Where do you stay?

B: I stay behind Rama Hospital.

A: Where is Rama Hospital?

B: It is to the opposite side of Hotel Taj. OR it is in front of Taj Hotel.

A: Where is the Temple / Church / Masjid ?


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