Lesson 6 - At the railway station (2)

A traveler wants to cancel his booked ticket..he is at the inquiry counter..

Traveler: Hello madam, I wish to cancel my ticket. Where should I do it?

Madam: Go to window number 17 or 18. Both these windows are for cancellation of booked tickets.

Traveler: Do I need to complete any formality before I go to the window?

Madam: Yes, please fill up this cancellation form with ticket details and be in the queue.

Traveler: Thank you so much.

At the counter, the clerk: Please show your form and submit your ticket with it sir.

Traveler: Oh yes, here are they (form and ticket).

The clerk: Well, take this refund. Your ticket has been cancelled. Check the amount with the amount given on the ticket before your leave this window.

Traveler: Sure. (count notes). This is OK. Thank you very much.

Clerk: Welcome sir.  


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  • What happens if there is a mistake in the filled cancellation  form of the tickets?

    The clerk    sorry, there is a mistake here.

    The traveler     oh! What is it?

    The clerk         The date in the cancelation form and in the reserved tickets are not matching.

    The traveler     please give me the form . I will correct it.

    The clerk        please take it.

    The traveler    Thank you sir. He corrects the form and gives back to the clerk.

    The clerk        This is your refund. Take the money.

    The traveler     Thank you very much , sir.

    • Good morning and so nice of you for this contribution. Thank you.

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