Lesson 7 - At the railway station 3

Here, a traveler is waiting for train. He is in the waiting room and talking to another traveler.

Traveler A: Hello, Are you going to Mumbai?

B: No, I am going to Nasik. You look to be going to Mumbai.

A: Ya. Train looks to be late?

B: Yes, it seems it is about half an hour late.

A: Any reason?

B: There is no need for our railways to have any reason to be late.

A: Yes, that is very true. Even we do not feel bad about it. We are used to it.

B: However, considering the vast network of our railways, it looks obvious. It is very easy to comment, however, very difficult to manage.

A: I agree with you. By the way you are travelling by A.C?

B: No, I will be travelling by general class. You?

A: By A.C.

A: It looks that the train is about to arrive.

B: Yes, let us move. Nice to meet you.

A: Same here. Wish you a very happy new year.

B: You too.

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