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The verb

I want us to look at what a verb is. A verb is a word that expresses action. E.g (1) Adah is running. In the sentence above running is the action perform by Adah.(2) Peter kick the ball. In the above sentence, kick is the action perform by Peter. And

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Directions - 2

Here we try to know how to speak about all directions?

A: Where is ABC Company.

B: It is in Delhi, in India.

A: Where is your house?

B: It is in between the Alex Hospital and Alfred School.

A: Where is the farm house?

B: It is across the Godavari river. (T

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Lesson 8 - Directions- 1

`A` is searching for a location. He has address with him, but he is new to the place.

A: Excuse me, will you be able to tell me where is this place?

B: I am sorry, I am not aware of this place. Will you please ask at that shop?

A: Sure, Thank you. (A to

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lesson 3 - know routine

Mr. A is informing about his / her routine through question and answer.

B: What time do you get up in the morning?

A: I generally get up at 6 o clock in the morning. However, on holidays I get up at about 8 a.m.

B: What do you do after getting up? (know

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Lesson 4: giving directions

A: Where is this school?

B: It is near railway station.

A: Where do you stay?

B: I stay behind Rama Hospital.

A: Where is Rama Hospital?

B: It is to the opposite side of Hotel Taj. OR it is in front of Taj Hotel.

A: Where is the Temple / Church / Masjid ?


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Lesson 1 - self intro

Assume that you are introducing yourself in front of a group / friends.My lessons will also help to improve your personality. 

Hello friends, I am here to introduce my self. 

I am Sunil Jogdeo. I am from Aurangabad (city), Maharashtra (State), India (C

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