To get one's foot in the door

This means to enter into something or make a beginning.

as we know in place of one's we use `my, his, her, their, our` etc.

In place of `to` we use noun or pronoun as a subject of sentence.


I had a very good interview in the company yesterday and I am sure i have got my foot in the door now. 

Any interview is a good opportunity for us to get our foot in the door

By improving our English we can get ready to get our foot in the door. 

enjoy !


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  • He at last was able to get his foot in the door, and proved his worth to the organization.

    • Perfect :-). Practice makes the man / woman perfect.

    • Practice makes perfect.............this is true,
      but a failure lover is always a failure.

      I amy be wrong. This can be argued preferably with use of some idioms.

    • Failure lover `practiced` for perfect practice of failures makes failures perfect can be a new phrase   :-).

    • Siva is a good entertainer in the TV media and a hard worker. His hard work and enthusiasm got his foot in the door of Cinema. 

    • Good eefforts..keep it up.

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