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email not satisfactory

I know I mentioned this before, but this email program is REALLY not satisfactory. I am simply unable to compose and send messages to anyone with a name beginning with a letter higher than "p". They don't show up on my list, or if they do, it is only

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email misrouted

I just tried to send two email messages to Touseef Abbasi. Something seems to be going wrong with English Club email today. I'm having trouble finding "friends" on my email listing, one time they show up, the next moment they don't. When I finally wa

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EC email program

Is there any way the EC email program can be improved? When editing/correcting private posts that are sent, it would be nice to be able to a) flag corrections in color, and/or b) increase or decrease font size to draw attention, and/or c) allow attac

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MyPage Photos

I'm thinking of uploading some pictures I've taken on my travels, some of which include people's faces. These people are strangers to me, and I certainly have no permission releases.

Is there a problem uploading these? I did take them myself, just did

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