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I just tried to send two email messages to Touseef Abbasi. Something seems to be going wrong with English Club email today. I'm having trouble finding "friends" on my email listing, one time they show up, the next moment they don't. When I finally was able to click on Touseef Abbasi and send the message, I checked it in sent mail and it actually WENT to Zhanna!  She didn't even show up on my list at that time! What is happening? If I click on the down arrow to get to "Zhanna" she doesn't show up at all, my lists ends at the "Y"s. If I use the scroll box, "Zhanna" shows up briefly then disappears. I don't have any idea how my message got sent to her instead of Touseef! Sometimes Touseef showed up on my list, sometimes he didn't. At any rate, he has not yet received his message from me.

Bev Stout

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  • This is a problem we have had on MyEC for a long time. I've brought it up with Tech Help many times and they haven't been able to fix it. It's usually a problem for members who have a large number of friends. (The system can't handle the numbers.) I never use that group message system to send messages because they can end up going to the wrong person. My best advice is to go to the person's page and choose Send a Message. I'm so sorry about this glitch. It is very frustrating, I agree.

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