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Is there any way the EC email program can be improved? When editing/correcting private posts that are sent, it would be nice to be able to a) flag corrections in color, and/or b) increase or decrease font size to draw attention, and/or c) allow attachments.

I AM honoring your desire to that members do NOT share private email addresses, but the EC email program causes difficulty when trying to share editing information. You might try to make that easier, reducing the temptation to go to outside email.

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  • Here is the message from Tech Help, which is the same idea I had for you. I sent it to you in a private message, but wanted to share here in case others have the same question. They did add your suggestion to their list of customer wants and needs, so bravo!
    • Create a new blog post (that you won't publish)
    • Write your message
    • Style your message the way you'd like with the rich text editor
    • Click on the HTML mode button
    • Copy and paste all of the HTML into a new message
    • Send the message
  • Hi Beverly, 


    I just sent you a message in your inbox to test the HTML of the email program. It seems to work for me, but let me know if you can't see it. You just need to click on the HTML box and then insert the code for the colour or size difference you want. If you don't know the HTML codes you need, let me know which colours or sizes you want and I'll show you exactly how to do it. (Or just view the source of mine by clicking the HTML button and copy.) I'll ask our Tech Help if we can get the same options that we have in blogs (shows font and text colour options on bar) in our email program. It would be much easier for everyone. 




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