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I know I mentioned this before, but this email program is REALLY not satisfactory. I am simply unable to compose and send messages to anyone with a name beginning with a letter higher than "p". They don't show up on my list, or if they do, it is only sporadically. I am working with several students through email, but now the only way I can reach them is to locate an archived message from them, and reply to that, over and over again. This is ridiculous. There MUST be a way to correct this.

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  • Hi again, 

    Can you try to reproduce this error and send me a screenshot (to my inbox). Thanks! Tech help seems to think this has been fixed. Also, which browser do you use?


  • Oh, thanks, I never noticed about the Send Message from their page. I'll do that from now on...

  • I totally agree with you and am very frustrated too. I'll bring this up with Tech Help again. I get the feeling they did not expect people to have so many friends on the network. Please know that your question has not been ignored, Beverly. I never use that system to email directly because it is not reliable. Currently, the best way to do it safely is to go to the individual user's page and click Send Message. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. 

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