do you love or like writing? do you want to improve your writing skills? do you want to win? well if your answer is yes to any of the above then join this group and happy writing!!!
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  • Yes, I want to improve my writing. Thanks, Minaxi
  • hi, i am rokon. i want to develop my speaking skills. i am studying in english literature. my skype id is : rokon.uzzamaneng

  • Great topic , thanks for sharing .

  • It is a great page, but are we allowed to correct the spelling mistakes of others? please answer my question. 

  • Why drivers in the Gulf Area do not use the stick of signals in their cars to show the others where are they going to the left or to the right although using it can prevent 80% of accidents? Please put your comments and thank you.

  • Writing is an excellent habit and also a therapy, if you have stress so this is a good group for us,and I appreciate this.

  • Hi all members,

    i like to suggest that we pick up a name for the writing group to be Creative writing group. this will help all of us to write good things in a high style. please put your comment. Thanks.

  • hello , they say that writing depends on reading .can any one recommend books to read.thank u


  • When I write, my blood turns into ink.. and my pen is an extension of myself...I dissolve my own essence into the paper.. and connect one word with another.. I just write the ideas that come to my mind, one after another, when I realize I`ve enough words to make a ladder.. a ladder that takes me into my imagination.
  • Thanks Anah for inviting me on this group. I really appreciate it. I think this is an exciting group to focus on writing skills.... : )
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Let Us be More Civilized

Let us be more civilizedWhen I drive my car anywhere in the world I try my best to stick strictly to the rules of safety and good driving. Such sticking to rules will create the good and safe habits of driving. Before you get in the car please check everything outside like the tires, mirrors, and check under the car, its front, and behind it. If it is safe get in the car and start it. Before moving your car, heat it a little bit, and check everything inside. When you drive pay attention to the…

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One thing I ll never forget

On one of my several holidays to indonesia the officer forgot to stamp my passport with the stamp of an exit visa. I went to my country and when I returned to indonesia again I faced investigation about how I had left indonesia without the exit stamp. It took me six hours to prove to them that  I left on 21th of September on Garuda flight and my name was on the manefist as a VIP traveller. After seeing the manefist they granted me an entry visa to enter Indonesia. Those six hours I ll never…

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