How much money?

How much money should we save if we teach cleaning as a course in schools and Universities?

We must design a good course about teaching all th people how to be clean and how to keep th invironement clean. i think that billions and billions…

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A question

Why in the story of Hemingway; The Old Man and the Sea, the old man did not cut the big fish into pieces and gave the sharks some of them? 

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Living as a stranger

There is no suffering in this life equals living as a stranger in one's own country. Such a life is another kind of death. Those who live in their own country deprived of the simple rights of life are dead people. The feelings of strangeness…

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Peace Of Mind

A lot of people do not know how to enjoy peace of mind. They look for peace of mind everywhere, but they cannot get it. Only few people know that peace of mind lurks in reading and writing. Therefore, the one who reads enjoys peace of mind…

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Dr Kamal replied to Dr Kamal's discussion Short Stories and Learning English
"Hi danielle,
Thank you for your comment. What about the abridged froms of the novels or short…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal replied to Dr Kamal's discussion Let Us be More Civilized in writing contest
"hi asma,
I agree with you that we should be civilized in our life not only in driving, but the…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal replied to Dr Kamal's discussion One thing I ll never forget in writing contest
"Hi Ohnie, 
Thank you for the support, but my experience was very bad and I felt that I was…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal replied to Dr Kamal's discussion Travelling and Smoking
"Hi thank you for replying, then I think the best solution for smoking problems is that Airlines…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal replied to Dr Kamal's discussion Travelling and Smoking
"Thank you for replying, but still smokers need I think special flights forthem  do youagree? "
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal commented on Dr Kamal's blog post Living as a stranger
"Hi Mr. Bob,
Thanks for the comment. Do you know that even personal matters are not safe from…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal commented on Expector Smith's blog post Grammatically correct
Grammar is the foundation onwhich one builds his writing. In fact, "No Grammar no sentences",…"
May 10, 2019
Dr Kamal commented on Dr Kamal's blog post Peace Of Mind
"Hi to all who commented on my blog "Peace of Mind"
Thank you all for the encouraging comments and I…"
May 10, 2019

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  • 2383737024?profile=original

  • Hi Dr kamal

    Thanks for asking .I have been busy recently .I like to be a member in your groups thx for invitation

  • hi

    Eid Mubark

    May Allah accept all our fasts and prayers!!!! Ameen!!!

    2382641048?profile=originalHave a nice time

  •  Hi Dr. Kamal.. I saw that you also joined Karaoke.. tell me about your experience.. I had a great fun when I recorded my song...
  • Thanks dr for leaving your comment in my page. I hope by join this club, I can get a lot of information and knowledge at here..By the way, I glad to meet u here..
  • Hi Dr. Kamal,

      I would like to say....2382469988?profile=original


    Hi Dr. Kamal,

    I am accepting your congrats with a great honor and your membership in Karaoke group is a good shot to us, please feel free and do whatever you like there is unlimited practice for acguiring of speaking.

    Who knows, May be, one day you'll find yourself in singing.:)))


    Have a great weekend !




    By the way.. have you read "Solitude" from Henry David Thoreau?.. it`s really amazing..


    Hi Dr. Kamal...I saw that you like poetry.. you know that I love poetry too.. I like Whitman, Dickinson and Poe..they`re my favorites.. I was reading that your favorite book is "The Old man and the Sea". I read it but in Spanish, now I`m trying to finish "To whom the bells toll" the same author, but it`s really  big! Of course that I have some Spanish writers in my favorites like Neruda or the The great of SouthAmerica (Alfonsina Storni, Juana de Ibarborou and Gabriela Mistral).. I`ll try to translate some of her poems to English and post them..

    About the Forum for teachers.. I really don`t have idea how to make it! I was expecting that you could open it and I would be the first member!..hahaha.. Regards !


    Dear Dr. Kamal,

    thank you for your wish!!! I do hope doing all my best I will secceed in my life. :)

    Thank you for your friend request! :) wish to see you soon too :)

    Have a bright day with all little happy moments! :)


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