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Tonight I celebrate my love for you

Tonight  I celebrate my love for you is a classical love song with beautiful sounds and beautiful lyrics. It is written by Gerry Goffin and Michaeel Masser,  recorded by Peabo Bryson -Roberta Flack and released in 1983. It became a big  hit and reach

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You Are The Inspiration

"You're the Inspiration" is a song written by Peter Cetera  and David Foster for the  group Chigaco and recorded for their album Chigaco (1984)  .This group was so famous in the eighties especially their song : "The glory of love ".
Many friends like

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this is about friends like you :)

Free, free to be myself, 
Free to need some time, 
Free to need some help, 
So I'm reaching, baby out, 

When I'm lonely in the crowd, 
When the silence get's too loud, 
I'll be crashing on some

And even if I never forget you baby, 
Tonight i gonna let

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You're my heart, You're my soul

Hi everyone, I'm so excited 4 sharing this lovely song 2 all of sing a song members specially Modaway, Hala and Medea (cuz I've understood they love Modern Talking Band)... 
U're my heart U're my soul (it's the name of Modern Talking's first album) r

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Give Me Peace On Earth

Here's another song from the album "You're my heart,you're my soul " by the band Modern Talking .It's a nice song with a wonderful lyrics .

I wish peace to all the people around the world !

                                            Give me peace on

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