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One Direction

In this group we have discussed about many great artists. Today I would like to raise a topic about One Direction. They are a new, young band (from 2010).Let’s hear their songs first.The first song I want to add is “What makes you beautiful”. I think

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'Sailing' Chris Cross

Hi friends!I'd like to share this old song in wich I use to 'hide' when feeling stressed even nostalgic haha... well, actually it makes me feel good and not only this one but all Christopher Cross songs. Hope you don't think I'm old fashioned lol...

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Shine like the star you are! ^_^

Aloha EC music lovers!
I would like to share this awesome cover of Katy Perry's 'Firework' song.
I'm not a Katy Perry's music fan, but I admit that I like the message of this song (but I prefer this cover made by Pearl and the Beard & Sophie Madelei

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