Don't let boredom conquer your life.

Boredom is like quicksand: the more we thrash around, the quicker we'll sink.

Let's all make use of our free time constructively and become a part of a more productive community.

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    Welcome Khan!

    Feel free to join our discussion and(or)

    start with a new topic.

    Good day!

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    Welcome apfel!

    Feel free to join our discussion and(or)

    start with a new topic.

    Good day!

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    Good day!

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    Welcome sandeep! 

    Feel free to join our discussion and(or)

    start with a new topic.

    Good day!

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    Welcome Eléa!

    Nice to see you with us.

    Feel free to practise English language with us by joining our

    discussion  forum or starting a new topic forum.

    Good day!

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    Welcome Ehab Nasif!

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    Hello Teacher Bill, Good day!

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    Hi Ruzan, Behnam,


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    Hi Benjamin Pham, Nadira, Mishaikh, Dara Gino, Neckel, Dipesh.

    I am happy having you here in our group.


    • The complete instructions for your cross stitch is now available on Activity 2



    Good day!

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an activity that will help our body mentally, physically and emotionally. This is a healthy way to fight boredom. Sport is a good therapy for dreamers who do not know yet their goals in life. Indulging in sports can create a rewarding emotional feeling than just thinking of rubbish ideas that could drive you to hate yourself or the world. Getting involved in sports could help you avoid that destructive behaviours such as; over-eating, gambling, drug abuse and alcoholism.

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1 Reply · Reply by Gaven Rank Nov 22, 2021