Poetry Game!

This game is so much fun! Start and write from 2 to 4 lines and begin with the last letter of the previous line which the poet before you has written.An example of how it should be:Mr-Night :I want the sun to shine on my daysBecause the dark is eating meOnly you my love can help meTake my flower accept meStart with ( E )Engage me with your passionHelp me through this plightFor my vision and my sight is trueMy will and purpose are dedicated to youStart with (U)Undone without your loveI have lost the zest for lifeJust empty shell of woe and strifeRefill my soul before we enter this nightStart with (T)....

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    • Eliminated everything I but fury

      Of fierce revenge I'm dreaming every day

      All the past memories I want to bury

      Torture, torture, torture...nothing else to say...

    • Your the one who can makes  others smile

      You  taught me that love never dies

      Even though the other part treated your love with denial

      You will always be as I thought of you ...Wise.

    • Every day I wake up with a smile on my face

      Hoping for happiness...hoping for better

      But my emotions are like a confusing maze

      I smile through tears...tears so bitter...

    • Effective are the memories

      specially, when they are so sweet

      you miss them, you want them

      but they force you to go to sadness on your feet

    • Trying to give the past my back

      Trying to walk only on my present road

      Even though It's hard to reach the oblivion line

      I can feel  already all the bad thoughts are dying

    • Grab change as you see it

      It can be an enemy or a friend

      Use wit and a lot of persistence

      Turn it as your chance of a lifetime.......

    • Every promise that you made

      Was a fake.

      Every gentle touch of your hands

      Was a fake.

      Every sentimental word you said

      Was a fake.

      To the passion brought the end

      Just one slap...

    • Perhaps time can seal wounds

      Perhaps tears can drag sad memories out

      perhaps an event can change your life

      perhaps love in you can be reborn!

    • Never I will feel again

      That I'm still alive

      Never I will feel again

      That passionate love

      Never I will feel again...

      Never with that thirst for life

    • East, west, north or south

      Pick any direction far to a new life

      Memories are zumbies with opened hungry mouth

      They feed on  happiness of those who stay near



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