Poetry Game!

This game is so much fun! Start and write from 2 to 4 lines and begin with the last letter of the previous line which the poet before you has written.An example of how it should be:Mr-Night :I want the sun to shine on my daysBecause the dark is eating meOnly you my love can help meTake my flower accept meStart with ( E )Engage me with your passionHelp me through this plightFor my vision and my sight is trueMy will and purpose are dedicated to youStart with (U)Undone without your loveI have lost the zest for lifeJust empty shell of woe and strifeRefill my soul before we enter this nightStart with (T)....

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    • Not every creature can stand the wild winds

      Yet I saw from my window a flower was resisting

      It taught me that I have to hold hope

      the harder troubles blow on my face

      the more demanding happiness I should be insisting


    • Great poem Mr.!

      I like your dreams

      But that flower

      Surely loves the windS
    • Sahar who writes from all her heart

      Gives words inked poetry

      Her poems will be read for ever last

      so read it carefully and gently
  • Pick you up only love can

    When it fills your life with meaning

    When it makes your life a stream of beaming

    Pick you up it will then...

    • Now and then, I'd say

      I will do it come what may

      When I love, I'll love all the way

      But... what is LOve by the way?

    • Yearning, craving, longing, passion,

      Yet, there is no single definition

      For me it's even worse than obsession

      It's simply a complete submission.

    • Nothing such love will come to mind

      when it hits you it just hits you

      blindly you will walk towards it


      happiness is what you'll find

  • Giving you  my words of promise

    Pain of the past is here to reminisce

    I'll help you forget a love untrue

    Bring you  back the joy of your life



    • Essential is ... love to me

      without it my heart dies

      once the heart gets expired

      I walk among people without soul.


    • Lonesome, so lonesome!

      Getting nowhere

      The pathways I began

      Just here and there

      More circles, more rounds.

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