Avoid Some Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes we use in English :

1- there  - their -they 're:

There: trefers to a place " There are 25 students in my classroom".

Their: a possessive adjective "their car is new ".

they're:abbreviation of they are " they're leaving now".

2-It's - Its :

It's :It is  "It's time to go"

Its: a possessive adjective " they painted their house and changed its color".

3-Whose - who's:

whose :is a pronoun " whose pen is this ?"

who's:an abbreviation to who is ,or who has " who's been to London?"=who has

                                                               "who's at the door?"=who is

I'll add some more coomon mistakes here ...and If you have any common mistakes or questions about that just reply here and let's share !!

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  • Thank you very much for this useful post, dear. :)

    I had confusion with "there" and "their" and because of this "there" and "their" I stuck at 99% in my an exam. I wish I'll never do this mistake again. Because because of that I couldn't get fist position in my that exam. :S :D

    Hope you can find free time to post more.

    • Next time you will get 100% , I'm sure, because you work hard and deserve to be number one always :) and because I'm here and can answer you any questuion :D ok

      Thank you dear I'll  post more I'm so interested in sharing our views here and helping each other all in EC to be better in English .

    • Dear, don't worry I always like to disturb you here :D will keep posting my problems to you always. :)

      Thank you, dear !

  • An important lesson....

    I have always bave  a problem, but I think it isnecessary to distinguish between listening and writing.Right?

  • its me:wrong ,you have to use: it's me and not mine

    Who is it? - It's me  :)

    I'll write a new discussion about using me or mine and my ....ok

    Thank u for asking I'll help you anytime dear .


  • Happy is an Adjective to express a feeling of contentment :the film has a happy ending- I'm happy by the results of my students.

    please is a verb : it's difficult to please everybody " make everybody happy "

    pleased is an adjective we can use it as happy but it carries the meaning of satisfaction :

    your mother will be pleased if you help her - I'm pleased to answer all your questions dear Friend:)

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