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i'd participate by a proverb

hey, i m new in this amazing forum, last night i've read an article about the stress in our life, a nice proverb has attracted me so, i would put it here as a first comment of me.."never borrow from the future, if you worry from what may happen, and

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The infinitive :" to + a verb"

The infinintive : I want to learn English   

Infinitives are used :

1- After certain verbs : " try - agree-  decide - expect - help - learn - hope  - need ....

Examples :

- We need to practice the language everyday.

- I hope to improve my English language

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Personal and possessive pronouns

Personal pronouns can be  subject :I -you - he -she -we- they - it

and can be object:me- you - him -her- us - them -it-

       Subject                                   object

         I                                             me  " He sent me some

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Avoid Some Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes we use in English :

1- there  - their -they 're:

There: trefers to a place " There are 25 students in my classroom".

Their: a possessive adjective "their car is new ".

they're:abbreviation of they are " they're l

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