There are a few reasons why it's difficult to pronounce the words in English. One of them is because some  LETTERS are MULTI-VALUED. A MULTI-VALUED letter is a LETTER that makes more than one SOUND. Did you know that, for example, the LETTER "A" could make (be pronounced in) 10 different SOUNDS. Check the following words. In each word the LETTER "A" makes a different SOUND. The SOUND (value) of the LETTER "A" in each words is shown by the related PHONETIC SYMBOL assigned to the SOUND.


You can use the VOICE RECORDER below to RECORD your voice making the 10 SOUNDS and PRONOUNCING the WORDS. It's a good way to CHECK and CORRECT your pronunciation. Since the widget doesn't save your recording, you can record and listen as many times as you want to perfect your pronunciation. 

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  • LETTERS and SOUNDS ~ 1

    3368691621?profile=RESIZE_710xThe LETTER "a" appears three times in the word "aggravate". However, each "a" makes a different SOUND. What are the three different SOUNDS?


    LETTER " U " and SOUNDS

    I have already shared with you the many SOUNDS each vowel LETTER makes, except LETTER "U". It's time now to look that LETTER, letter "u", and learn the SOUNDS it makes. Each word in the list below has the letter "u" in it. Can you pronounce the words correctly? Could you recognize the differrent SOUND of LETTER "U" in each word? Are they the same?


  • LETTER " O " and SOUNDS

    Like the letter "A", "E" and " I ", LETTER "O" also makes more than one SOUND

    3049998891?profile=RESIZE_710xCan you pronounce each SOUND of the LETTER "O" in isolation? 

  • Today, we are going to look at the different SOUNDS that the LETTER " " could make. You can differentiate or recognize a SOUND from other SOUNDS that the LETTER " I " makes ONLY IF you are aware of the 44 ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS and the SYMBOL that represents each sound. 

    LETTER " I " and SOUNDS


    Use the SOUND RECORDER below to RECORD and LISTEN to your own PRONUNCIATION of the above words.



    Like the letter "A", LETTER "E" also has 10 different SOUNDS. Check out this list of words where in each word the SOUND of the LETTER "E" is different from the others !

    2983858679?profile=RESIZE_710xMake an effort to LEARN those 10 SPEECH SOUNDS of the LETTER "E" for a better PRONUNCIATION

    Now, can you give example words that are different from the above for each sound of the letter "e"?

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