To Introduce Myself

Well as you can see, I am new here. If I do something or write something wrong, please feel free to correct me (that's why we are here anyway isn't it XD)

I am Penny from Taiwan. I study English for my interests, and soon I feel like I am not improving at all. I came upon this site while I was mindlessly surfing the net.  I thought to myself and it looks really promising. 

Nice to meet you here, everyone :) It kinda look like a lame ending, but I can't come up with something else :P

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  • HI Penny,
    We hope to see your new progress.
    Obviously you have got foundation of English studies. So, feel free to say. You will find ideas are more important than hesitation of word option.
    This year, during the past weeks season is weird in China. So I am afraid it is current rather windy in Taiwan. Please reply soon to show you are okay.

  • Hi Penny!
    We are glad to welcome you here. Do not worry about your skills. There are many newcomers here :)
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  • Welcome!

  • Hi Penny,

    So nice to meet you. You wrote a good introduction in English.

    The thing that is promising in your learning improvement is when you get involved with people here and make yourself active to grasp every opportunity to learn.

    Reading, writing, and listening are some important ways to do it. Happy learning! :)


  • Hi Penny!

    Welcome to MyEC!

    You are absolutely right!

    This is a right place to learn English!

    Read and write the blogs, discussions and comments. Post some pictures and videos. Join the main chat room. And you will find new friends. And your English level will be improved!

    Good luck!

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