• Thank you for guiding me around. I am a novice and haven t explored the site well.
    Glad to see ur guiding remarks.
  • Most welcome, Emran,

    Yes, I also use my phone to visit this site. However, I choose the desktop view. It's more comfortable now. There is forum which many kinds of discussions you can read and join here.

    You can also write something useful or informative or just opinion in the blog section.

    Well, wish to see you around. :)

    Discussion Forum
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  • Infact I will be using this forum on my phone most of the time. Thats why i was looking for an app for phone. Though interface on phone is not that bad but i cherished to be more ease with its utilization,to say.
    ll see you around then....
  • Thank u chan...
    Thats a very kind of you.
  • Hi Emran,

    I'm sorry to say that there is no app for this site on playstore. But, you could visit this site anytime. It has both mobile and desktop view. You can enjoy blogging and posting discussion, even chatting with people in chat room.

    WELCOME TO MYEC, and see you around. :)

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
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