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There was a boy. He read in the class day file.his parents married to the school.on the road he found a photo of a cute girl.he pickup the photo and put in to his pocket. After class h…

There was a boy. He read in the class day file.his parents married to the school.on the road he found a photo of a cute girl.he pickup the photo and put in to his pocket.

After class he return to his home,change dress and lunched .he remembered about that photo.he see that photo and put in to his bag.

Now ,he daily see that photo and think ,"if I can see her really". time have been spenging ,years have been spend. He become young man of 24 years old.but he Have that 14… Continue

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She was once again waiting for the customer sitting in the lobby restaurant of a five star hotel sipping her coffee as usual.  Hotel management knew about her and allowed her to sit there and if any interested guest of the hotel wanted to have a company of a girl, a waiter provided her the room number.  She was paid by the hotel later weekly.  

She was…


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Do My Childhood still Exist or Not?

Well, It was quiet long time for me when I stopped to write a blog. I now want to write it again, I wish I didnot forget about how to write a good blog. "Hahahaha, "okay!"  Let me start writing my blog.…


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English literature students

Hello everybody

we have a group in skype for English literature students

If you are English literature student , join us

send request to my ID : hojjat namdaran

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Wife: Hi hubby I like to hear that you

are describing me with your

own romantic words.

Husband: Yes darling you are always


Wife: What does that mean.

Husband: A=Adorable.









Wife: wow what a nice.I love you

so sooooooooooo much.

Thaaaaaaaank you.

But what about IJK.



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Unicorn Pride

Unicorn Pride

I was born gay.

My blood is rainbow.…


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Hi, everyone. 

Once I was chatting with a nice user here and I found a very nice thought. We had many discussions about life here and many images were used to describe the inner and outer processes. 

But today I want you to imagine next thing. 

When you were born, you got your lego-blocks called "life" and it's up to you what…


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Don't Poison In My Ears Anymore, Please.

A long time ago, my late uncle, who was a doctor and run a clinic in a slum area at reasonable charges, resolved a domestic issues of a newly married couple. One day,  he happened to visit our home. So while having dinner, we persuaded him to tell that story by himself. Whatever he told I wrote it in my own words, so you may extract some pearls if there are for you.…


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Beautiful girl with a red rose 2

Beautiful girl with a red rose 1

That night in my dream, I saw her smiling. She looked more beautiful with a smile. Mesmerizing. Morning when I got up, I prayed to God to bless her with a smile.

I didn’t expect, but again I saw…


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Beautiful girl with a red rose 1

I never believed in love at first sight until that day. There is always a day when something incredible happens and that miraculously changes your belief. And, that was the day when she walked into my life like a gush of cold wind, touched my heart and washed over me an utterly new unknown feeling called “Love”. I still amaze how it happened and why it happened? It happened though.…


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Define your own definition

Greetings to readers,

After long time I would like to write a blog because I am feeling a little bit bore. Definition of expressions change from person to person right .? like



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Write The Best Conclusion Of Accounting Assignment With The Help Of Experts!

When pursuing an accounting subject, the students have to be very careful because this subject is highly complicated and need a lot of focus and grip on the subject. A single mistake can make the entire question wrong and the student may lose a lot of marks. Although, accounting is a scoring subject, getting high marks is possible only when the students are perfectly comfortable with its complicated and tough questions. Many times, despite working very hard, the students can commit a…


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how to write formal letter?

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A long time ago, so the story goes, a young boy called Arthur became the King of England after he pulled a sword out of a stone.

The sword was Excalibur. It had a lot of  power. The lady of the Lake gave it to King Uther but asked him to give her his first born child.Uther became powerful. When  his first  child  was born…


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What do you want to learn?

I am creating an August Learning Plan just for you, and other learners. So...

What do you want to learn?

Particular grammar concepts, general skills, business related English, etc...

Let me know and I will put it into the plan, being created and posted on the learning blog on August 1st on…


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Reading challenge 2015

Hello folks, 

I want to read 20 books by the end of 2015th year.

So, I have started creating list, but didn't complete it yet.

I want to ask you, folks, write your suggestions and reccomendations, what book you liked, and why you liked it. 

My list for now is:

1. Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (done)

2. Citadel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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9 Things Everyone Should Know About College Life

If you're an incoming college freshman, you're probably looking forward to greater things to come. I don't want to burst your bubble, but college isn't all happy and fun times. I'm saying so because I learned it all the hard way. Maybe by writing and sharing about my experiences will help people avoid the same thing happening to them.

You're not going to be able to party…


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I Am A Star Member,,,So What!!!

Some members here are very interested and concerned in achieving the title of "Star Member", and to get their blogs or discussion featured!

Actually I do not know what is the criteria according to it the blogs, discussions, members are being featured, and most probability there is no criteria for it, and I think…


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Love Vs Ego

Practical experience says that egocentric is an anti-love or anti-relation virus which widens the gap, but a question is what kind of love, legal love or illegal love? Legal love implies the most close ones such as siblings, relatives neighbors, people in general etc. While illegal love implies love between different genders (from our aspect). Most of the time, it has been seen that people are too humble with ill-legal love whereas too egoist while dealing with legal love.

When… Continue

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plan your vacations

the anxiety hit me every time when vacations coming,

i should do a perfect schedule for whole family,but actually i have no ideas where we should and wanted to go, as a result, i spent whole afternoon setting in front of computer busy to viewed every tourism website and got nothing. sure most reasons are tourism plan not suitble for our i think, too far or long time journey hardly for our poor physical condition, climbing or travel on foot will be tired for children, also including…


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