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Dishonest people

Man, the crux of the matter is, we are dishonest people; yes, that is what we are... We aren't even sincere to ourselves let alone being sincere to others.

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Writing Challenge: A Page from My Biography

A Terrible Accident

Saba was working on the farm, a trailer was passing on the road, it was loaded bags of chemical fertilizer, the road was winding near the river, and when the driver was turning the wind, the trailer was overturned.

Saba and some villagers were watching that horrible scene, the front of the trailer was on fire, and…


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A question

Why in the story of Hemingway; The Old Man and the Sea, the old man did not cut the big fish into pieces and gave the sharks some of them? 

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People move from one place to another with a purpose of settling permanently or temporarily to the new location is migration. The practice of moving far from home, and search for a better life is becoming more common. Global mobility allows any one to travel any where. Migration may be internal migration or over a long distance to another country or continent. It may be voluntary or involuntary like sold in to slavery and…


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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

Something or someone that we see on naked eyes for us very disgusting. We judges that someone is worthless or useless, even worse we have deems or treated them as rubbish. But in fact. if we take the time and effort to delve deeper into them, we'll find that they also have the noble values of self-esteem and somehow better than us. There is no need to qualify people as being 'better' or 'worse'. Be kind to each other.

Advice rather than hate, offer solution rather than…


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Hi, everyone. 

I wonder why I decided to start writing this blog about a contradictory topic as "Death and what happens next". I guess it happened after watching this awesome philosophical cartoon by Alan Holly.

Watch it first, please (by the way, it's in English so you can improve your listening skills as well). 

So what…


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Do You Want To Be a MyEC Star Member?

At the end of every month, we feature seven MyEC Members as Star Members. A picture of these members goes into our monthly newsletter. A picture is also placed on the EnglishClub homepage.

Being a Star Member is a great way to bring attention to…


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Imagine the world without america

    Yes,Ladies and gentlemen Imagine the world without America!?

We are like the rest of the world  we may disagree in America love or hatred, but all agree that the world today would differ radically if America did not exist 

· Without the presence of American Hitler would be the  master of Europe   France and Britain would talk German as the first language   

· Were it not for America Japan today would be a military superpower empire occupies Southeast…


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Emotional tuning

Sup... See who is back...  :D Xeah, it's me ;)

Guys, don't expect something too profound or verbose... I only gave myself a 15 minutes window to come up with something here :) 


Umph, you know what I am good in emotionally connecting with people, not in the online world but surely in the real world. I am very good in making people feel good about themselves, I mean if they are frustrated or broken.... If they are feeling to low and dejected and…


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Dear Friends

I am Going to publish a magazine. I need Some stories, poems and essays.

if anyone would like to write please send me a message. you would be payed.

Added by Mohamed Majeed Mohamed Siraj on August 27, 2015 at 19:39 — 1 Comment

Top ten words added to Online Oxford dictionary today

Every year many new words and expressions discover by the public. Oxford university press got the huge and most wide- ranging research programmes around the world to find new words and add it to dictionary. Oxford English Corpus and Oxford reading programme collecting words from the world wide web. The reading programme which they used to extracts words from the variety of articles, songs, journals and internet slang.Oxford family that focuses on…


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In an iota (short story)

In an iota of a moment julia thought she loved him! ''Is it possible or a good decision to fall in love with a stranger? But, what I can do? He is just so handsome and what is say, eye catching. Even it seems tough to take my eyes off from him.''

''Hey, Juli, what are you doing over there? Come here and join us. It's time to get back.''

''Get back, oh, no, shit! I just want to stay here…


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How are you?

- a simple question!

When my husband moved from a local company to a foreign company, his boss usually asked him: "How are you?"

It was about 5 years or more he didn't use English. At the first time he answered: "I'm fine.". The second time he replied: "I' fine and you?"

His boss continued to ask him "How are you?" the day later. And this time my husband said: "I'm good!"

He wandered why the manager always ask him that question. Fourth time because he… Continue

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Words that look or sound alike.

Dear, pear,

I am not yours near so, don't peer! Did you change your jeep's gear or drink…


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A page from my biography – page 305

I don’t know for how long, but I have been waiting in this boring line since my last day on earth. From time to time I tip toe to see the distance and what’s holding up the line, but to no avail. The soul in front of me jokingly says, “The Hell Gate angel has gone on vacation and that’s the reason for the line-up!” and I wonder why there is just one line? On earth, Walmart had at least 20 checkouts for customer satisfaction, shouldn’t God do better? Apparently, punishment is prior…


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In the lovely Parrot

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Like photo

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12 Exceptionally Long or Extremely Special Words


Note the ellipses. All told, the full chemical name for the human protein titin is 189,819 letters, and takes about three-and-a-half hours to…


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Words that look or sound alike.

Yes, it is a very effective (base is effect) way to learn new words and remember them. And, If we don't practice regularly, its affect would not be good for our learning procedure.

There are some people who like to have processed food. Here, my suggestion is, people should try to know  the…


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