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Dear friends of EC..

This photo was taken 7 years ago. at a small road in Rangkasbitung. The little town in Banten Province of Indonesia. 

Dera, his nick name.. is my first son. who has grown up to be the second grade of the elementary school student. 

always wants to know everything. this may happens to all of the children 

he now has two young sisters and one young brother.

he is very happy being in a big family.

drawing is one of his hobby,…


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Music mix combined with beautiful visuals of the universe

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Ghalib - the Great Poet

زاهد شراب پینے دے مسجد میں بیٹھ کر

یا وه جگه بتادے جهاں پر خدا نه هو

Zahid sharaab peenay day masjid main baith kar

Ya who jaga bataday jehan par khuda no ho.

These two poetic lines of Ghalib was mentioned in Elf's blog:…


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Getting to Know Brazil Part 1.1

    After a week of suspense, drama, love and a lot of hard-work the world's most spectered day just arrived welcome Friday. This is a day where some will have a nice beer after work or Just relax at home after a hard day at school anyway TDIF or Thanks God It is Friday.   

    Undeniably this Friday is a special one for me and  of course for all my friends from MEC and Skype because  I will have the opportunity to clarify a…


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Getting to Know Brazil Part 1.2

Continuing ...


  If you are planning to go to Brazil so you must to know how Brazilians like to have fun and believe me Brazilians like to have fun. For instance, we have the most famous Carnival in world it takes place on February and lasts for at least 4 days (In Bahia State it takes…


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I failed to spot a common mistake for a blog challenge

Yes, I was just reading the newly posted blogs this morning and was trying to spot a common mistake for a blog challenge. 

It's not always so easy to find a suitable topic or theme for a blog challenge, though. That's why some of the challenges failed to attract our members here. 

Most of my blog challenges are about grammar, words or idioms. That's why I was trying to spot a common learner error in the blogs for a blog challenge. To my delight, I failed to find one, which…


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Differences in American and British English grammar - article

Informative and interesting article I wanted to share with you.

Please visit the link below…


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An old letter I could not post to the Right Person at Right Time!

It was a letter written by me couple of years ago. I read it a 1000 times since then and most of the variables have changed profoundly now. But what has remained is the essence of the message. She is still very much attractive and I am still not ready for a responsibility (should not be seen as an opportunity). I know the value of commitment and I know the price it takes, the sacrifices one has to make. These are the factors that refrained me from delivering it and what was supposed to be…

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Climb a Volcano

Hi, everybody. I want to share you a good experience of live. Last year I climbed one of the volcanoes that there is in my country. It is not far away, from where I live this volcano is called "Volcan de Acatenango". In my country there are about thirty volcanoes. I scaled it with a group of fifteen people. It was very exciting because, we all wanted stayed that night in the top of the volcano. But first we walked about thirty minutes to arrive in the forest. There were a lot of birds their…


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Egypt population 2015

 Hello everyone in English

last times I talk about some topics about Egypt

Now let me talk about Egypt population 2015

 Current population of Egypt

86 783 209
Current population
43 573 947…

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Call for Papers for English Literature Last Date of Submission 15 October 2015

Call for Papers for English Literature Last Date of Submission 15 October 2015


This Issue will be online 1st December 2015

For more details please visit: - ;


With Regards


Dr. Jitendra Arolia

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A Nice Experience in Gillingham

I remember a visit to England some years ago. I had a short conversation with a lady when I was taking photos.

I stood on one of the big stones which surrounded a place in the city of Gillingham.

I wanted to get a few photos of a big clock fixed to the wall of an old house.

Then a lady, well dressed – I remember – came up to me.

She asked me, if she could have a question to me.

I was a little scared and said I’m sorry, I’m a stranger…


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6 Hectic Problems That Every Freelancer Face

In today’s tech driven world, even giant size companies are hiring freelancers to run their operations. But there are numerous obstacles that freelancers have to suffer to meet their goals speedily. Therefore in this article we would discuss the most common problems that freelancers have to tackle to lead their career in the right track. If you’re also assigned with a freelance project then you must read the information shared in the below passage. Here are six hectic problems that you need…


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The greatest prison human has is his limited thoughts…. More limited thoughts be, the stronger the bars are!

The greatest prison human has is his limited thoughts….

More limited thoughts be, the stronger the bars are!


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Cry - (English translation of "An Urdu Writing")

This is the English Translation of "An Urdu Writing", that I published yesterday. 

You didn't get him 

Why do you cry 

In this world has ever…


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Quotes from my own thoughts

hello everybody 

I started writing quotes in my notebook days ago ,one of my friend encourage me to publish my own quotes here in english club blog by the way all right received haha don't steal them but apply them in your daily life i hope you like them .

think deeply about what is bothering you right now a mistake you are regretting it a problem you are facing it does not matter what is it you should look at…


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5 Things to Do Before Your Interview

Interviewing for jobs? Read this!

5 Things to Do Before Your Interview



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Greater Bairam

Hello every one...

i wanna tell you about Eid  Al adha(greater Bairam)

Is the anniversary of the story of Abraham when he wanted to sacrifice his son Ismailto meet the order of God who redeemed Ismail by a ram slaughtered,so Many Muslims approach to God in this day to…


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Out for a walk.

Yesterday afternoon I went out for a walk with my friends. They were glad to walk. We went to the forest. This forest is near my town and there is beautiful view there. Next to the forest there is a football field where some young guys were playing football. We stood watching the boys playing. Then we decided to go down to the forest. I asked them them why don´t we walk inside the forest. We arrived at a small river and we sat down near the river. We heard the sounds of the water,the…


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A fucked up man

Man, you dream; you dream big, you go, you go hard after it, as hard as you can. You run, you run after it, your heart start pounding, pounding out of your chest but you run. You give it whatever you have gotten, but at the end you find nothing but a failure awaiting you. 

You remember all the lessons that you had learnt on persistence and all the promises that you had made on never giving up, you take a deep breath and go again; this time even harder. So hard that you…


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