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Writing Prompt : Should

Writing Prompt ~ Should

Dear Troy,

This week I'm setting off for my long-awaited holidays . You should come here early this Thursday. Remember you…


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Hi all,

hope you're all doing well.

yesterday, I had an exam for 3 hours and it was so difficult but I managed to solve most of the questions.what makes me surprised is that the 3 hours went as if they were 1 hour. Am I the only one who feels the time goes faster than before?

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Please Be Nice To Her.

The universe is always attrative to me, I cannot remember how many times I lay down at night under the dome counting the stars. I used to thought that one of the most beautiful objects in our world belongs to stars, however, like most residents, excluding our home--the Earth. 

I think, one of the tragedies of human beings is that most of us cannot relish the beauty and charm of the Earth just like the way we see the moon, which we have expressed abundant praise to it but actually it…


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hi i am from.

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You Are The Reason - Another Poem

You Are The Reason

Sky turnes blue without any cloud

I feel happy without any pain

My soul gets relaxed from worries

Mind starts wandering who she is

Meadows beckons me to play…


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A Seed Of Faith And Its root (foundation)

There are no any discrepancies among all farmers that neither the growth of crops nor fertility is possible without rain. They sow seeds in soil and wait for the rain. Similarly, all friends of Allah believe that no body can  be convinced without the will of Allah. They  know that their duty is to plant a seed of the truth at the heart and then wait for the blessing of Allah. They literally…


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sometimes i think of of money,which the whole world want to have it and fight for it. sometime i think of knowledge,which the whole world have it but not use it.for me knowledge is fear of God. misitrious world. 

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How to Buy Affordable Dissertation Writing Services at Online Interface?

These days, the students pursuing high level educational courses have to submit a thesis or any research oriented paper as part of their course curriculum. Usually, this task proves to be more demanding and daunting for the students when compared with other academic engagements. The students are encouraged to rely on their analytical skills and carry out a mini research on a topic. This topic is either assigned by the professors or chosen by the students. Depending on the topic, the students…


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Mystery of life


I think about it and I think hard about it but the more I think about it the more I delve into it and the more I get confused. The more I try to simplify the philosophy of life, the more it gets complicated and I end up only scratching my head. 

Life has never stopped surprising me. Whenever I think I know a lot about it, there is another surprise waiting for me that leaves me thinking how wrong I was. 

Then I take a watchful look around and see a mother…


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Writing Challenge: Mother


Everybody knows this word, a simple word with a thousand meanings. Before I continue to write this blog. I want to thank my mother especially and all mothers whole this world, without you! we are nothing. Imagine about you, make me think deeply "What a precious gift for all heavens…


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Writing prompt: similar but not the same!

Last month we planned a tour to Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India.At that time we had a little bit doubt about the climate.Few days later we received a trusted message from my friend as the climate is cool and warmth.Again we watch TV for the latest weather news for further…


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my love diary

My Dear Love,

                  I don't know how people express their feelings for love .I don't know but I know one thing that your face save in my heart .And I always feels that you are in front of…


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Seeker's "Paragraph Writing Challenge - I


Moon the disc that all the lovers like to stare at, especially when the beloved is not near. When she is with him, he tries to convince her that she is more beautiful than the moon, rather the moon has borrowed the beauty from her. Those were our ancestors who tried to get on moon by holding each other's tail to make a ladder and then fell into the lake to hold the moon. Ah, so moon fooled them too. When I was a kid I used to insist my mom to get me the moon so I would play with…


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Using a hyphen to extend a "word"

While reviewing some notes about software changes, I found the following phrase.

Modified SELECT statement used to obtain next mail message to send to condition on not being complete.

I found myself confused when I reached the "message to send to..." part of the sentence - I had to "re-parse" the sentence from the start before I was able to understand it.

The problem was that "to send to" wanted to stick together as a group of words, as in the following…


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Canvas Of Love - New Poem

Canvas Of Love

Something opened my eyes, wide

Canvases with emotions and feelings

All depicted the beauty of real love



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My dearest friends...

Actually I like to write blogs, and i really feel happy when my friends write the comments on it but one thing is hard for me to reply my friends' comments because their words are so so wonderful and I often lost the idea what to say..

I should increase my English...





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Cooking is also a way of relaxation.

Everytime when you are asked how do you relax yourself after one day's work? Maybe you say jogging, yoga, watching TV or movies, and so on. Yes, different people have different answer. There are various ways of getting relaxation can be enumerated. For me, cooking is a good choice to make myself being relaxation. Every night I came out of one day's work, I would like to go to the supermaket and buy some food materials for cooking supper. In my view, cooking is really simple and you just try…


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