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Seeker's writing challenge; Moon

I asked her what she was doing . What was that black sheet and those shiny spots. She told me that those tiny spots glittering were stars and that black sheet is called night. Then she put a shiny circle in the middle of that black sheet and called it moon.  Isn't it beautiful? I said it is. Moon would be beloved by so many; Kids with their dreams, young people with their love story and  the elderly with their memories. Sun told me that while she is busy giving warmth and energy on the other… Continue

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I am afraid that I am not going to approve what I heard of you because it conflicts with my standards and I don't either want an argument because it will certainly be not to my benefits. My silence is all that I can offer you. 

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A gift

It is for you 


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I'm lost in you

I'm lost in you
Cos of you,
My wish before is lost
My aim before is lost
My belief before is lost
I'm lost in you.


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Who can save us ! ?

What was the reason of creating UN ?!!

In 1945 … Countries that have been suffered lots of suffering and death and bloods, they have created that ..

This is what I have read when I was studying my major !

I was fond of this organization ……


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There is a straightforward out-dated saying that will answer this inquiry for you. The expression is "nothing in a life is completely free". Free Online College diploma/degree is accessible everywhere throughout the web however toward the end of your course, you don't get anything. Isn't it better to have something to show for your diligent work?

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First ever

First Rain

First love

First look

First desire

First downpour

First kiss

First promise

But what about

first heartbreak?

Added by Afro on May 26, 2015 at 6:00 — 6 Comments

What if Expector failed to leave a comment on your blog?

You may have posted a blog, and found that Expector failed to leave a comment on it. You may have wanted to ask 'How come Expector failed to add a comment on my blog?'.

Yes, Expector is the blog mod here, and he's supposed to keep an eye on the 'Blogs', but it doesn't necessarily mean he'll read and leave a comment on every blog, even though he dose try to do so. Then, what if he failed to leave a comment on your…


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Last weekend in a restaurant, while waiting for our meal I was watching another familiy having lunch, he was a black man and she was a caucasian brown haired girl, next to her there was a little beautiful coloured boy she was feeding, what I sometimes call 'coffee with milk ' although this one had more coffee than milk :D surely he had the dominant allele. Well the point is that I'm realising this kind of families or marriages are little by little increasing in the society and now nobody get… Continue

Added by Estanis on May 25, 2015 at 23:10 — 4 Comments

Oh Ghost!!

 Do you believe that ghosts exist? I believe them and I'm sure some of you may believe. It's a real experience which I experienced this May.

 My home is at the edge of a river. The river exactly is behind the house. My bedroom is near the kitchen. Every morning I can open the window to see the river and the landscape. It's not so beautiful because the river has been polluted, but the morning air can still be enjoyed.

One day, my dad told me that one of his female employee from his…


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9 years later

Yesterday, i had have a walk with my little daughter then passed a high school saw many of students hurry into school to starting a new weekly schoollife,

i have glance of my daughter's face briefly,

then thinking about the status of when she growing up to that age for high school. that's 9 years later, seems very long but also very fast like we often feeling that times always pass quickly. 9years is enough to change many things especially young girl's brain and…


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There was no one but ME

There was a time when I decided to create a creature named human. I endowed this creature with my own spirit. I said to spirit that you will be companion to this creature and one day you will return to me. This pure soul was a gift from me. I called human as a supreme creature because I gave him the capability of becoming the best. I granted human with free will and the ability to choose, so it’s up to…


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Writing Prompt ~ The Word “English”


             English is the window of world. If you are good at English, then you will be able to follow your dreams. In my opinion English is one of the easiest languages in the world. The word English is derived from Angle's language…


Added by Petrichor on May 25, 2015 at 5:12 — 4 Comments

Ashes with life

Nothing but my own passion has burnt me to ashes. Now nothing is left of me but a handful of ashes but the ash that you see today has a spark in it. This ash will lay the foundation of tomorrow’s tower. My passion is the only life left in these ashes now. 

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Life can never be static; it changes its color at each moment on its own way. Sometimes we control sometimes life control us.

 All of you must have faced these transformations. When it happens to change the city or house from one respective locality to another. What do you feel when you go back to the locality after few months or year where you used to stay once?

I am sure while visit to the same place where you stayed once, must be brings those days memory back. The…


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You Are The Reason - Another Poem

You Are The Reason

Sky turnes blue without any cloud

I feel happy without any pain

My soul gets relaxed from worries

Mind starts wandering who she is

Meadows beckons me to…


Added by Petrichor on May 24, 2015 at 17:18 — 10 Comments


The first time they met, Katherine thought Anna was too imposing. Katherine was even intimidated. But after several meetings, they never looked back.

Katherine and Anna were once good friends. They used to live in the same village. They shared laughter and they fought tears, together.  Anna was liberated while Katherine was more reserved and levelheaded. Anna was older than Katherine, but it was Katherine who usually put sense into Anna’s mind. She was Anna’s shock absorber…


Added by ∑Allen∑ on May 24, 2015 at 16:00 — 9 Comments

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