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The  Dayak Culture of Kalimantan  at Indonesia Borneo Island, is the intriguing history of Sultan Kingdoms and traditional Dayak Tribes, with a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforest jungle of Indonesia ’s largest island. Influanced by Chinese, Malay, Hindu, Muslim, and Dutch, virtual mosaic of traditions flourishing in the bustling seaports and riverside cities…

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The Kapuas River at Indonesia Borneo Island is the Longest in Indonesia, and the second longest river in the world. The Kapuas River as a Highway into the hinterland, brings you to the Dayak Tribes, where you can explore the ecological wealth and traditional cultural treasures that survived deep throughout the years in the rainforest jungle of Borneo as Indonesia ’s largest island. With it's legacy of Chinese,…

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Singkawang, a middle city located on North West of Borneo Island is a unique place in Indonesia. Unlike others cities in this country, Singkawang inhabited by majority of Chinese, presently 60% of Singkawang inmates are Chinese. Background of this community composition has correlation with the arrival of the mass immigrant population from the mainland of China to the west part wild jungle of Borneo. According to oral history, their arrival in large numbers in the…

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One of new tourist destination in Singkawang is located in Coral Bay area or Gulf Ma'jantuh. Sinka Island Park is about 3 km from Pontianak - Singkawang. The place itself is a tourist spot that offers a wide variety of attractive facilities, such as wagon, and horses that can hired by all visitors at Sinka Island Park. There is also a swimming pool, cafeteria, and many other facilities.

Moreover, in the tourist area there are also Sinka Zoo, a unique zoo which surround the mountain,…


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~•○` All Alone In Paradise `○•~

       If u have to make a choice  between  , living in an earthly  paradise  by ur own  , or being a middle class mediocre guy !!!! Which one would u decide to do  , and Why ? ....

       My people say  " that a cottage might be more relaxing than a mansion "

     In the year 750  , a stunningly beautiful  girl  , was  carried on a back of a camel , from the Arabian  deserts  . To be the bride  of the new crowned…


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A small motivational story

This story from a famous motivator and I thought of write and share …

Two kids name Sam and mac used to stay in a village. Sam…


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Everything happens for the good reason.

One fine morning an emperor and his advisor were walking in the garden. Suddenly an emperor leg got hurt by the rock (on the way) while walking.

The injury was deep that started bleeding. The emperor told advisor about the injury and in reply adviser told him “Everything happens for a good reason.”…


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The lonely Island (just the first title... maybe I will change it later ) Chapter two

                                                      Chapter two ... The stranger 

Suddenly, she wakes up. It seems that someone is knocking on the door. Was it just a dream or is it the reality? She doesn't know. She listens but it's quiet now, only the wind shakes on the windows. Her eyes start closing again. But again this knocking on the door, this time louder than before. She…


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How You Should Write Introduction for PhD Thesis

An introduction for PhD thesis is the most challenging part of your thesis. Moreover, it is also a lengthy part of your thesis. In the introduction of your thesis, you will need to provide the introduction to the research questions. It is also necessary for you to write the key terms or important points of your thesis in the introduction. You will need to introduce the topic through an anecdote or quotation by getting help of a…


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English Expression #9: The University of Life

What have you been learning from the university of life? Oh, sorry to confuse you with my question. If you haven’t encountered this expression yet, allow me to explain it in simple ways.

The phrase the ‘university of life’ does not exist at all. You cannot find it anywhere because it's not an academic institution or school. If people say this phrase, they are referring to their ‘life…


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The lonely Island (just the first title... maybe I will change it later ) Chapter one

Hello, dear friends and members here!

I am not a writer and also not as good at English. But I think writing poems and tales, is a good way to express our mind and to reach improvement in the English language as well as get progress. I am about writing a short tale and I invite everyone to read and to comment it  .... or even to correct my mistakes. I will write…


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What's next?

Man through the ages,has undergone many changes from the time when he depicted a herd of mammoths on the wall of his cave to these days when he can create beautiful pictures and even make coffee by use of computer technologies and reached many goals that made our life much easier.What should we expect in the 21 st century? First of all,I think that the peace of our life will speed up:we will faster from one place to another,from one continent to another using high…


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Condan Dance is a social dance that is accompanied by poetic  and traditional music of Dayak people in the district of  Sanggau Kapuas . sometimes this kondan art is accompanied by guitar. This kondan art is a greeting of happiness to guests who visit and spend the night in the area. This art is done by way of dancing and replying  rhymes or poetic.


Kinyah Uut Danum, is a typical war dance of the Dayak of Uut Danum tribe that shows agility and vigilance in…


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...a part my city !

There starts to be sudden autumn air in hanoi. the autumn ! Season of feelings...season of love.... i love this air !! love autumn...Right is moment... with dark night, light and river . my feels is just like a winds...gentle, lightly touch...missing and sobbing ...i wish you 're next to me... see everything together ...

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I have no title for this yet

Okay is the beginning of my story.......I am not a writer......but thought I would give it a try.......I have no idea why!!!....LOL  I only know about some books I have read to go by......I have no a way it might even seem silly........I am not sure really.  But oh well it is a writing of sorts.......if you enjoy it.....great.....if not......well what can I say???.....LOL......Have a great day all!!!!....HUGGGGGGGGGG  Here…


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~Depend on Your Choice~

Desiring is not wrong,

Dreaming is not Crime,

Wishing for something is not a…


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There are only 12 countries in the world crossed by the equator. But , there is only one city that exactly separates the northern and southern hemispheres, namely Pontianak. Pontianak, a developing port city on the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo, is the largest city on the Earth’s longest invisible line, the Equator.

Also known as “Equator City,” Pontianak is the capital city in the province of West Kalimantan. Standing a mere two miles north from the city center is a monument…


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~ 2017-02 : Be Nice ~

Good Morning, another new day.

Lately, i met few people whois not very nice.  Sometimes i wonder why they act that way.  I wonder if something bad happened…


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Please Share Your Favorite Quote Or Saying.

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Hello everyone, Another members discussion inspired me to post this discussion. It is great sometimes to be inspired from each other. In ancient times a large part of the quotes/saying served a moralizing, didactically and educational purpose.…Continue

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Hello all,:-)I have a sentence for you and you have to make a story from this sentence. Just use your imagination and the word limit is 100 words including my initial sentence.Clear?The sentence is:I have been waiting for his / her for 10 years but…Continue

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pull a swapbridle traillet someone off the hookyuck something upscramI dig what you lay downContinue

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Today on the way when I went to the office I saw a thief try to take a girl's bag, but no one helps her, even me because that thief not went alone, they have more than six strong man went together. I'm not strong enough to save her in this case. But…Continue

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