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Amazing Science

can u guess what the beautiful objects shown in the picture are ?     These are pollen grains (enlarged about 500 times) ! these tiny particles come in an amazing variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.



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English & Phonetics/Accent Practice on Skype [FREE for May-June-July, 2015] Skype: CAlearning

Hi MyEC members! I am Jo, employed with Oracle Corporation, currently in California for a project (basically from India). I'm trying hard to improve my English Fluency & Accent by June/July 2015 so I can move to a different team in my company and continue to work in US. Therefore, I am looking for English Speaking partners on Skype. I’ve Advanced English Level. [ Skype ID: CAlearning ]

I’ve excellent English Language skills (Grammar/Usages/Structures/Vocabulary) and outstanding…


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4 Lines Word (87)

Beleive me if I said that I don't lie…


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4 Lines Word (86)

If you love me give me a little space

To think of you or to…


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Tips and traps of getting a decent evaluation in a course

Coming across a subject in college or university that you have an aptitude for or you have an interest in is a real bliss. Unlike other subjects, you don’t have to toil as much and you can get a reputation for yourself regarding that particular subject. But truth be told, it is really not that easy after all.

If you have just started college or university and you came across the course outline of some course which you found to be very interesting and you intend to…


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Photo challenge: "Happiness is..."

Hello everyone!

Here is a new photo challenge for you!

What is your happiness?  …


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Tips On How to Write Thesis in the Best Way from the Expert Professionals

The Internet comprises of a lot of articles that gives an explanation as to how to write thesis in the right way. Through this platform, you can pool in a lot of ideas that will let you know as to how to write such a writing in the right way. It is extremely important that you choose the right topic that will help you a lot with reference to your career. Writing a thesis in the right way would involve a lot of research to be done. This will surely help in bringing immense benefits and for…


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Hello my friends,

Just passing through my mind. I think EC can be as entertainment, I feel so satisfied after come into it. see the photos, the profiles, read the blogs, the comments, the messages    and so on. what about you?

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Tales can teach us about life

Once upon a time ... Many stories starts like this and I would be surprised if no one here have experienced the magic that tales have. The magic creates a big curiosity and a strong warm feeling of happiness. The tales creates new dimensions in our minds and makes us think in new ways.

But what makes the tales so important for…


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Story "The Last Message"

The atmosphere seemed to feel comfortable. The wind blew the leaves are yellowing. One by one, the yellow leaf break away from sturdy branches and went with a hot dry wind.

The People were passing by on the street regardless of the hot sun in the afternoon this autumn. The huge trees and beautiful has shade of skyscraper buildings, Guyana. In this town, a beautiful girl lived that has 18 years old, Stallen. She lived in a house that…


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Our english club


My name is Majid , I'm living in a little town , Niamey, the capital of Niger.Our official language is French

I'm in my second year in senior high school.In my school, there is an english club. We practice some activities like:drama, poems and many other things regarding  english. The objectif of the club is to improve the english level of his members. So, our english teachers helps us  in this way.Every week we meet us together and speak english. We are fighting…


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Have you ever worked a shepherd? It is not an easy job. when you deal with animals it is not easy to understand  their behaviour. This hard job needs you to be patience and you must love herding of sheeps and goats. If you loved them, they will let you know all things about them like hunger and thirst joy and grief. The…


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We will miss you "Luci"

Dear luci

I read some where whenever you see something which is worth to be praised just do it and give your sincere appreciation. Oh you look beautiful today or what a brilliant idea or etc. so I am writing this blog to give you “Luci” my recognition. Approximately a few weeks ago you wrote your…


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No need to live like the other one

I am so appreciated that my parents gave me the chance to come to the world, though what the gift god gave me just like most of you.

When I was fifteen years old,  I realized that I NEED TO FIGHT FOR MY FUTURE, because what my parents offered to me were, like the vast mojarity of people, just a healthy body and a well brain, plus a relatively comfortable place for me to grow up, but I never complain about that. From then on, I was aware that if I wanted to go to a better school, and…


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Take in the benefits of a tasteful PowerPoint presentation

Presenting someone to somebody requires specifics. You can beat around the bush for a lot of time and lose the attention of the listener and you can just stick to the basics and make them hear exactly what they want to hear. Giving presentations is sometimes a tiring job and even the most confident of students sometimes find it difficult to step up in front of the whole class and say some words without laughing at the funny moves done by the friends at the back. There’s an…


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Here’s how you can make your degree more valuable

Students toil for years to complete their degrees so that they can get a good job and have enough money to fulfill all their needs and dreams. But due to the cutthroat competition in the market, it is very difficult for most of the students to find a job that they like and that pays well too.

A few years ago, things weren’t this difficult and anyone could get a decent job if they just tried. But now a degree in a basic program or even a…


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Writing Prompt ~ Abbreviations

Writing Prompt ~ Abbreviations

Mother: "Andy, haven’t you slept? This is nine o’clock. What are you doing?"…


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My shining star

She never existed in his dream. The day when she arrived till the day was over, the eyes were shining, blooming, glittering like a shining sun.

Breakable, easy to track, transparant, honest girl. She came into my life and she walked away like a saddest flower with no…


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A few effective ways you should know about how to handle enemies

You meet different kinds of people every day. However, not all of them are liked by you. In fact, all are not friends but some of them are your enemies also. In the movies, you find people deal with their enemies by fighting or facing them. Actually you need to minimize their power in any way.

Eliminate your enemies from your life or give them less entrance in your life. But it is not always possible to completely remove people. But you can stop calling them back. You may stop making…


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Net-neutrality and why should one care about it?

Something which connects us all in the virtual world is called "Internet", more precisely, connecting individuals like you and me in a way conducive to the idea of free access of the information. Protecting it becomes even more critical when it has now become a necessity, e.g. learning English has now become a necessity, you may either afford a private teacher or find other creative ways.

With a free and "not-regulated" internet, you have better and more efficient options over…


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