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My Lucky 8 Blogs (So Far)

Hello, my fellow bloggers! Time flies quite quickly, isn’t it? It’s almost 2018 and what a nice way to have some sort of a recap about the blogs that I published all these years! This idea is actually from our very own fun, fearless catwoman… Mary. In case you haven’t read her blog already, you may…


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~○●•° Once upon a Time °•●○~

Yes , long long a go . An old lady made a fatal mistake

It was winter as usual with its cold , foggy and rainy days

But , in the middle of coldness weather started to change dramatically

The sun shined up again and it's seemed that spring was at the door .

The old lady was in need for…


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Life's in "Messa di voce"

Messa di voce is a musical technique that sung or played at a quiet volume, gradually and smoothly made louder until it reaches a high volume, then similarly made quiet again. (wikipedia)

When I was so active in singing activity, I liked this word…


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Abandonment Is an Achievement



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Possess Nothing yet Have Everything



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Priorities: The Order of Importance and The Emergence of Life



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Jerusalem - The City of David

Jerusalem – The City of David

     David, the son of Hebraic tribe of Canaan  conquered the city from the …


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Love begets hatred

Love is something which has always been discussed for ages. What is Love? Many try to answer and mold its definition into different frames as per their perspective. But the question remains same unanswered, puzzled.

Well, I am not going to discuss Love here. The aspect of life which I am going to shed light on is not love but it is closely related to the emotion called Love. I am…


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They are Angels!!!

It’s been a quite long time I have not pen down anything. I feel today is the right time to write down again. Writing fiction is not my cup of tea. So I would stick to my amenity and write something else.

I just wandered in my past and plenty of thoughts came to my mind. Most of them are entangled with each other. I don’t know from where to start and how to articulate them.

A few years ago I was in my late teenage…


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Are you Aloof?

We human beings are very judgemental and tend to label other people on the basis of how they behave towards us. We label people like kind, callous, arrogant, betrayer, cunning, ignorant and so on.

Here I would like to discuss people who have always been labeled as “Ignorant”. You all must have faced a situation when whenever you go to the wedding ceremony or birthday party, a…


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Onee's writing challenge: Still waiting.....

Hey Dear Onee and my EC friends,

This is my first ever attempt towards writing an imaginary story and a reply to any writing challenge. I have never participated in any writing challenge before. It is quite longer than my previous blogs but I hope you would read it patiently. (^_^)

Around a year ago, In the…


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Grammar Test V (Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced)

Hi, everyone! Although both my wife and I will be very busy till mid-January, I have decided to post one more grammar test, the last in 2017. This test is not easy. It expects you to know all English grammar in details. Besides, there may be wrong prepositions, articles, pronouns and…


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Jerusalem, the heart of Palestine

Since 1948, Palestinians have been fighting for their right, fighting to unite, fighting for their destiny, even it was recondite, fighting to climb from the bottom to the height, to get out of the darkness into the light, despite! A decision has been taken with no…


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Three Magic Weapons for A Carefree Life

Three Magic…


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Learning styles


Learning style is the process by which students usually comprehend, understand and interpret information. Due to different creation each and every person had to learn differently from others. Learning and understanding are affected by the mode of learning, time, age, subjects learned and also the technology that is being used. This makes everybody have his unique way of learning which differs from one person to understanding on which style one prefers to learn using,…


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Wordless Wednesday

Above is my picture for "Wordless Wednesday", though today is Friday, (I was declared the winner of last contest posted by Rosemary),  I shot this picture yesterday evening especially for this contest.  Try to give it a caption.  do not think much, what comes in your mind very first will be the real one. The…


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Life in the New Oasis of Canada (3) - Tongxin's Teddy Bear

Life in the New Oasis of Canada (3) - Tongxin's Teddy Bear


December 3, 2017

Life in the New Oasis is rich, colorful, free, and happy.…

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Morning at the New Oasis in Canada

Morning at the New Oasis in Canada
November 3, 2017…

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!!! STOP Child Marriage !!!

Today I read an article about the child marriages in the countries such as Malawi and Mosambik, where the girls under the age of 18 are forced to marry men from the only one reason: parents don't have enough money to feed so many kids -> so logically one hungry kid out of the house can make their situation more bearable. To be honest I hardly can understand such behavior from my parental view and I keep on asking myself: How can parents do this? How can…


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Choose the #5 blogs you wrote in EC that you like the most

Look down at your belly: What do you see? Yes, it's your navel. Let's contemplate it!

This is a blog to review our own activity and to find out all the cool stuff we've written in the form of an EC blog!

Think about some of these new (and kind of lost) EC members who are coming here for first time and don't know anything about you or your activity in EC, but you would like them to get to know it: Which 5 blogs would you suggest them to read from your list…


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The teaching profession

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