• Both sides (lover and beloved) belong to each other.

  • Roman it is a game (in the eyes of a poet at least.)

  • That is why @ dara it is said here that If I win you will mine, if I lose I will be yours.

    See there is no loser.

  • Main nahi pata, lekin in the game of love, no one loses. 

  • I think, it is not a good idea to bet on/about love.

  • Thanks bet for your comprehensive comments.  I agree with you.

  • Yes Onee-chan

    But it is only for the hearts who can feel.

    Thanks for your time to read and comment.  I am glad I have comments from the two mods of EC.

    I am pleased.

  • Yes, Nadiyah love is always the winner. Thanks for your time to read and comment.

  • terms of true love there is no winner or loser, you know! But, yes, there may be (it may be necessary too)  a healthy competition to win the game of, and, I think both feel okay to be the winner or loser.

  • LoL, Mishaikh. 

    Thank you for spreading LOVE in MyEnglishClub. ^^

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