The question might sound funny but I've always wondered for years if all the English native speakers were capable of knowing that extensive list of phrasal verbs or idioms. If yes, how and when they get to know and memorize them or if not what is such a vast list of them needed for ? 

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  • Hello MA NO,

    I doubt all native English speakers know all phrasal verbs or idioms existing in the English langauge. It's as same as someone does not possibly know all the phrasal verbs, idioms or common expressions in their mother tongue UNLESS they are constantly exposed all the expressions. But you and I know it is not possible to do such thing.



  • Not necessary. Consider yourself, or let me consider myself.  My native is Urdu, but I am not well aware of Urdu Grammar, so as I am not good at all in English Grammar.

  • Peony, thank you for your opinion . 

  • Maybe no. But mostly they talk simple and rarely spice things up to embellish language. Phrasal verb and idioms make language sounds natural. This how I love it! 

  • Happy new year Cheryl, thank you for your opinion. Its appreciated highly . 

  • Toni, Ive heard also that some Americans dont even know who is the president of their country :)

    Thanks for your two cents. It's appreciated . 

  • So Sir Frank, it means that those idioms and expressions make the language more complicated for non speakers ? even more its not clear for natives as you said . Thank you for your opinion

  • Sir, to be honest I've never heard of active and passive vocab, as for the verbs ofc I do know about them but I got a question : how exactly can we define which words are active and passive? the links you provided dont show any of them, just some definitions. Thank you for the enlightening comment. 

  • Mr. agreed, as Josef said  some people (in any language) have a bigger vocabulary than other people, some native English speakers will know more phrasal verbs and idioms than other native English speakers that's natural. 

  • Danny and the question is how that 'illiterate' nation is in charge of the world ? :)

    Thank you for stopping by. 

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