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I wonder!

Sir Josef Essberger and madam Tara Benwell and EC Mderators:

While I was browsing today my page suddenly changed to black and appeared to me BE NICE ENGLISH ONLY
I'm just wondering if someone  report  on me or just a technical error
Because I think ther

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Photo problems

I wonder if anyone else if having problems displaying photos or uploading photos. I think all my software is up to date, but maybe in my part of Saudi Arabia something else is causing the problem. Many times I can only see the title of pictures but n

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    I cannot use chatrooms, I realized that EC upgraded chatroom,

1. I made download toolbar

2. there is a window bottom on the right for chatting, ok no problem, but ;

3. I can be seeing chatrooms popout bottom at the left side, like that

"lobby, crea

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